Lee Gi-hyeok (22), a ‘multi-player’ who came to Jeju United (Jeju) from Suwon FC through a cross-trade with Yoon Bit-garam, expressed his feelings about taking on a new challenge. Lee Ki-hyeok’s contract is for a total of 3 years until 2025.

Lee Gi-hyeok said, “As much as Jeju wants me, I will try to live up to that expectation. My strength is that I can play a variety of positions. I will do my best to become a player who can always help Jeju challenge the ACL stage at any time. I will do my best. I still have a lot to learn. I want to become a player who continues to develop with Jeju in the future.”

Lee Ki-hyeok is from the Ulsan Hyundai youth team (U15, U18) and joined Suwon FC in the 2021 season after attending Ulsan University. In the first year of his professional debut, he stood out by playing in 15 K-League 1 matches with a U-22 card, and scored 1 assist in 20 K-League 1 matches in the 2022 season. In particular, Lee Ki-hyeok was one of the talents that Bento coach paid attention to. In July 2022, he was selected for the EAFF E-1 Football Championship roster, and on July 24, he started against Hong Kong and made his A-match debut, drawing attention as his next-generation midfielder who will lead Korea.

Lee Ki-hyeok, who has a wide range of activities and excellent tactical understanding, is a multiplayer who can play both the center and flanks in midfield. His 184cm tall and 76kg solid physique makes use of his ball keeping and linked play. He is also a player who fits well with coach Nam Ki-il’s football style, which emphasizes quick ball handling followed by cooperative defense that applies pressure from the midfield and quick attack transition from the center to the flanks. 스포츠토토

On the other hand, the recruited players who are taking on new challenges in Jeju in the 2023 season will be with the soccer dream tree who dreams of becoming a future professional soccer player in Jeju. Prior to the announcement of the recruitment, the players directly visit Jeju Island’s school soccer teams as well as soccer prospects who have visited Jeju Island for off-season training to participate in team training.

Following Yeon Je-woon (Seocho, Jeju), Seung-seop Kim (Dong-cho, Jeju), and Yuri (Hwabuk-cho), who joined Jeju earlier, Ki-hyeok Lee also headed to the elementary school playground upon arrival in Jeju-do. The place is Jungmun Elementary School. Founded in 1999, the Jungmun Elementary School soccer team (director: Yang Jae-hwan) is a strong team that has consistently performed well in competitions in and around Jeju Island. Last year, Baek Ho-gi finished runner-up, category-specific soccer championship runner-up, and Hwarang-daegi ranked first in all wins at the national youth soccer tournament. Lee Ki-hyeok smiled, saying that it will be a year of leaping forward with the good energy of Jungmuncho.

Lee Ki-hyeok participated in the training of the soccer team at the elementary school in Jungmun, and made full use of his multi-player advantage to play the role of a mentor to young soccer players in various positions. In the mini-soccer that followed, they enthusiastically participated and made special memories that reminded them of their original intentions that they had forgotten for a while. The soccer team of Jungmun Elementary School was also impressed by Lee Ki-hyeok’s ‘steamy heart’ beyond his sincerity. The Jungmun Elementary School soccer team promised to visit the Jeju World Cup Stadium to support Lee Ki-hyeok for the 2023 season, and Lee Ki-hyeok responded with a bright smile.

Jungmun Elementary School coach Yang Jae-hwan said, “He is a really outstanding player, not only in terms of skills but also in terms of personality. I think he is an exemplary player that young soccer players can see and learn from. Lee Ki-hyeok responded, “I said that I would come to the stadium after marking my uniform. I am really grateful. I think I have a reason to work harder in Jeju. I hope that my passion today will be a warm-up for their success.” .