Lee Geun-hwi, ‘a rising star outside KCC’, “This season’s satisfaction rate is less than half out of 10”

In the fourth quarter, an 11-point lead was lost and the score was tied at 55-55. In a situation where the atmosphere could have passed, Lee Geun-hwi’s 3-point shot exploded. He broke the opponent’s chase with a series of three-point shots. Lee Geun-hwi’s performance in the 4th quarter eventually led to the team’s victory.

Jeonju KCC Egis beat the Goyang Carrot Jumpers 76-67 in the 6th round of the 2022-2023 SKT Adot Pro Basketball regular league held at the Goyang Gymnasium on the 15th. Lee Geun-hwi, who started as a starter, played 27 minutes and 22 seconds and scored 17 points, including five 3-pointers.

Lee Geun-hwi, who only managed one 3-point shot until the third quarter, scored 14 points in the fourth quarter.

Lee Geun-hwi said, “Before the game, the players told us to do our best, and I think we were able to win in that aspect. The screen was put up very well. When I received the screen and came out, it was an open chance, so I went up with confidence.”

Lee Geun-hwi also exploded in the 4th quarter in the match against DB on the 11th. He was scoreless until the third quarter, then scored 12 points with four 3-pointers in the fourth quarter alone. Is there a special reason to be strong in the 4th quarter?

He said, “There’s no particular reason why he’s late. He’s always confident when he throws a shot. He went up confidently in a given situation, and I think the result was good.”

Regarding the part where he had to play more on the outskirts of the team due to Heo Woong’s injury, he said, “Anyway, my strength is the 3-point shot, so there is no burden on that part. During practice, (former) Jun-beom is learning steps and movements from hyung.” said.

Lee Geun-hwi is doing well this season, but the team still has a lot of regrets. It is evaluated that the effect is not showing up properly compared to the talent he has and his own efforts.

KCC coach Jeon Chang-jin said, “The problem is that the movement to take advantage of the shot, which is an advantage, and the second action when the shot is blocked are not good. “he said.

Lee Geun-hwi said, “The manager and coaches teach me a lot. They always tell me that it is easy to defend because I always run at a constant speed on the court, and I feel the same way when I watch the video. I am training for instantaneous movement. I am constantly doing it,” he said. 안전놀이터

Team seniors Chang-Young Jeong and Jun-Beom Jeon also expressed their regret about Lee Geun-Hwi’s shot through an interview not long ago. That he could throw more confidently. He throws boldly to the point of being reckless during training, but regretted that there was a slight shrinkage during the game.

Lee Geun-hwi said, “In practice, I throw at any timing, even if I get scolded, but in the game, I don’t seem to have enough room and can’t read the flow well. I’m confident, but I hesitate once in a while. The hyungs keep telling me to shoot if there is no player in front of me.”

He said, “My personal satisfaction this season is less than half out of 10. I have a lot of regrets. I couldn’t do it in a situation where I could throw enough, and I think my defense was only motivated. I improved a little, but I feel it is lacking. One dribble, two dribble, I am not good enough, and I have not lived up to what the coaches have taught me.”

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