Kumho Tire Ecsta Racing Team Recruited Japanese Super GT Winner

The Ecsta Racing Team, sponsored by Kumho Tire and led by coach Shin Young-hak, recruited talented driver Hiroki Yoshida and started preparing for the 2023 season.

Hiroki Yoshida participated in the FJ1600 (Formula Junior, 1600cc class), an introductory formula class, in 2005 and won the series champion and brushed up on the basics. , Super Daikyu Series, Super GT, etc. Betty Rang driver who has been active in top-notch overseas races.

He also won the 2008 Super Daikyu Series ST-1 Class Series Champion and the 2022 Super Daikyu Series ST-3 Class Series Champion. In particular, he proved his skills and ability as a driver by lifting the championship cup once in the Super GT 2022 Series, Japan’s largest racing competition.

Kumho Tire recently appointed Shin Young-hak, head of the operating team, as the new manager of the Ecsta Racing team. The Ecsta Racing Team has a ‘four-member system’ by additionally recruiting Yoshida Hiroki in addition to Lee Chan-jun and Lee Chang-wook, who are emerging as promising players with basic skills and potential despite their young age, and junior driver Song Young-gwang.

In addition, Kumho Tire hired Scott Beaton, a former Williams F1 team engineer, to analyze vehicle data. The Williams F1 team is a traditional powerhouse that has won the drivers’ championship 9 times and the constructors’ championship 7 times. In a racing game where a race is held in 0.01 seconds over 300 km/h, tires that come into direct contact with the circuit play an important role in the overall race, so data analysis is considered a key factor in shortening the completion time. 안전놀이터

Hiroki Yoshida said, “I am very happy to be a member of Kumho Tire’s Ecsta Racing Team, the best in Korea.”

Shin Young-hak, director of Ecsta Racing, said, “As Hiroki Yoshida is a seasoned player who has demonstrated his skills in world-class races, he will pass on his racing know-how and skills to his teammates and help them develop racing tires.” I will do my best to come back to the championship title as much as I put effort into the test.” He expressed his aspirations for victory.

Meanwhile, for the first time in the Kumho Tire industry, the “Kumho Junior Program” was conducted to discover outstanding motorsports talent, and Song Young-kwang, who is competing in the CJ Logistics Super Race GT Class, was selected as the first sponsor. The Ecsta Racing Team plans to meet customers and domestic motorsports fans with a new coach and a splendid lineup at the ‘2023 CJ Logistics Super Race Championship’ scheduled to open on April 22nd.

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