KPGA labor and management sign a collective agreement… “We will draw a progressive future together”

The Korea Professional Golf Association (KPGA), Korea Professional Golf Tour (KGT), and Service General Labor Union signed a collective agreement on the 30th on the 10th floor of the KPGA Building in Seongnam City, Gyeonggi Province.

The signing ceremony was held with Kim Byung-joon, vice chairman of KPGA and CEO of KGT, and key officials of the general service labor union in attendance.

Collective agreements refer to autonomous laws and regulations mutually agreed on by the labor union and the employer on various matters related to labor relations, such as working conditions and the working environment.메이저놀이터

KPGA and service general labor union agreed on a collective agreement of a total of 68 articles through negotiations over about 2 years and 6 months from August 2020. The main contents of the agreement include improvement of employee welfare and improvement of working conditions.

Kim Byung-joon, vice chairman of KPGA and CEO of KGT, said, “The collective agreement between KPGA and the general service labor union is very meaningful.”

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