“Korean players, their skills are good in Europe… “European debut” Lee Jin-hyun’s challenge conditions

Lee Jin-hyeon (26, Daejeon Hana Citizen) talked about the essential conditions for the European challenge. He emphasized physicality and tempo.

Lee Jin-hyun said at the 2023 K-League winter field training media camp held in Geoje-si, Gyeongnam on the 13th, “(Daejeon) achieved the goal of promotion last year, and I am happy to be able to work together for one more season. I look forward to seeing what Daejeon will show in the K-League 1. I want to help Daejeon achieve its goal,” he said. 

Daejeon’s midfield commander Lee Jin-hyeon participated in 29 games, including two playoff games last year, scoring 6 goals and 5 assists. He made a revolutionary contribution to promotion to Daejeon. 

After the season, Lee Jin-hyun joined the training of the prestigious Legia Warsaw team in Poland. He was like an entrance test. After becoming a free agent (FA) at the end of last year, he tried again to advance to Europe. 

However, he did not reach Warsaw and re-contracted with Daejeon. Lee Jin-hyun said, “Rather than a test, it was to adapt to the Warsaw team training or atmosphere. He thought that team training would be more helpful to his physical condition than individual training,” he said. “I felt more comfortable than when I first went (to Europe). The team members were also good at it, so I was relaxed and had fun.” 

Lee Jin-hyun, a native of Pohang Steelers youth, moved on loan to Austria Vienna in 2017 and made his professional debut in Europe. He 스포츠토토has been on the domestic stage all the way after spending a season on loan, but living in Europe at the time is a big asset to him.

Lee Jin-hyun said, “Knowing how fiercely European players compete, he is dreaming of that stage. If he challenges again and plays in Europe, he will be more than happy.”

He also talked in detail about the differences between Korea and Europe that he personally felt. Lee Jin-hyun said, “(With the difference) I can talk about the game tempo and physical. As for technology, I think Korean players have better parts and are competitive. The most difficult part is the game tempo, physical, and cultural adaptation. No matter how good your skills are, I don’t think you can survive if you can’t keep up with the culture and tempo.”

Lee Jin-hyun, who knows the importance of physical, steadily managed to increase his muscle mass, even in the off-season, and increased it to 70kg. He said, “(The important factor in the European challenge) is the first physical. You need to study a lot of languages ​​so that you can fully communicate so that it is easy to adapt. (You have to learn the language) You can communicate with the staff about tactics. I think I need to make up for that,” he emphasized. 

Recently, Korean players are continuing to challenge Europe. The atmosphere is quite different from the past. Only this winter, Oh Hyun-gyu (Celtic) and Park Ji-soo (Portimonense) went to Europe. 

Park Joo-ho (Suwon FC), who has played for a long time abroad in the past, such as Dortmund and Mainz, recently recommended going to Europe, saying, ‘If you have a chance to go abroad, you must go.’ Jinhyun Lee also nodded. He said, “When he came to the K-League after playing in Europe, he felt that he had grown up. I think other players can learn anything (in Europe). As a player, I think it is important to compete on a high-level stage.”

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