‘Korean pitcher’ Noah Song, discharged from the US Navy… Join Philadelphia Camp

Noah Song (25), a Korean-American pitcher who enlisted in the US Navy after giving up his dream of playing in the Major Leagues (MLB) for a while, returns to the mound.

The American professional baseball Philadelphia Phillies officially announced on the 23rd that Noah Song will join the spring camp on the 24th 스포츠토토(Korean time) after being discharged from the Navy.

After being drafted by the Boston Red Sox in the fourth round of the 2019 draft, the Naval Academy graduate pitched in seven games at Single-A, posting a 1.06 ERA in 17 innings.

Song was selected for the US national team in 2019 and also competed in the Premier 12.

However, Song, who had to enlist in the Naval Flight School according to his service regulations, applied for an early discharge, but was not accepted.

In the end, Song was converted to “selective reserve” after just over two years, but he is required to serve one weekend every month or two weeks a year.

While Song was unable to play professionally due to his Navy service, he moved to the Philadelphia Phillies in December of last year according to the ‘Rule 5 Draft’.

Philadelphia, which picked Song in the ‘Rule 5 Draft’, should put him on their 26-man roster this season.

If not, Song may return to Boston.

Song, who throws a fastball with a maximum speed of 160 km/h, threw 334⅓ innings as a starting pitcher for four years while at the Naval Academy, recording 428 strikeouts and showing an outstanding ERA of 2.37.

After completing his military service and joining the spring camp belatedly, attention is focused on what he will do this season.

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