‘Korea representative’ Edmund “If Japan wins, I can play Nutba for a year”


Tommy Hyeonsu Edman (28, St. Louis Cardinals), who had his first training wearing a Korean national baseball team uniform, said ‘Korean greeting’ with a fairly accurate pronunciation.

His face was also very bright.

The Korean national team participating in the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) had recovery training at Gocheok Sky Dome in Guro-gu, Seoul on the 2nd카지노.

Although the focus was on ‘recovery’, there were also tactical movements such as defensive shift training.

In particular, Edmon, who failed to join the national team training held in Tucson, Arizona, USA, and returned to Korea on the 1st after training with his teammates in St. Louis in Jupiter, Florida, needed more concentration.

However, Edman digested the training with his bright face and met the Korean reporters with a smile.

Edman said, “There were some confusing parts overall, but I am adjusting well after meeting the Korean national team’s coaching staff and players. I also learned new ways to play the Korean national team.” same,” he said.

Edman was born to a Korean immigrant mother, Kwak Kyung-ah, and an American father, John Edman.

The WBC stipulates that he can play for the national team according to his parent’s nationality. Edmund, who is an American national, was willing to play for Korea, his ‘mother country’.

Edmund is the first player with a foreign nationality to be selected for the Korean baseball team.

“I was not born in Korea, but I am proud to be of Korean descent,” he said. “I will try to meet the high standards of Korean fans at the WBC. I will prepare well so that it can be revealed.”

Even outside the baseball field, Edmund reveals his ‘love for Korea’.

After arriving in Korea on the 1st, he ate sundae soup.

He plans to meet his maternal grandmother for Korean food on the 2nd as well.

Edmund said, “He grew up eating Korean food. It’s definitely different from American food. Korean food comes with side dishes on the main menu, so you can enjoy many dishes.”

He is also well aware of the ‘speciality of the Korea-Japan match’.

Edmund’s teammate Lars Taylor-Da Tsuji Nuubba (St. Louis) follows his mother’s nationality and competes for the WBC with Japan’s national team.

Edman explained the reason why he had to win the match against Japan, saying, “We decided to give you the qualification to play as much as you want for a year depending on the win or loss in the match against Nutba and Korea/Japan.”

Edmon’s helpers are also increasing in the national team.

Edmon said, “In addition to (current major leaguer) Kim Ha-seong, Park Byeong-ho, who played for the Minnesota Twins in the major leagues, helped a lot. Park Byeong-ho has played for a long time in the KBO League and speaks English well.” .

In fact, March is a very important time for young major leaguers.

Coincidentally, this year, the major leagues introduced new rules such as the pitch clock, and players learn the new rules through demonstration games.

Edmund chose to play for the WBC instead of major league exhibition games.

He calmly said, “It takes time to adapt to the new regulations such as the pitch clock, but there is no major difficulty.

At the end of the interview, Edmund said, “Thank you.”

Edmund’s Korean pronunciation is getting more and more accurate. He melts into the Korean national team faster.

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