Klinsman negotiations, which were dropped by the high-ranking officials, were notified before the announcement of the Power Reinforcement Committee

The conclusion was coach Jurgen Klinsmann (59).

The Korea Football Association (KFA) announced on the 27th that ‘Klinsmann from Germany has been appointed as the successor to former manager Paulo Bento’. The contract period with him is about 3 years and 5 months from March to the 2026 World Cup finals in North and Central America. The salary was decided to be kept private according to the agreement of both parties.

KFA started looking for a successor for Bento (Portugal), who left Korean soccer after the 2022 Qatar World Cup. It was difficult from the start. It was not easy from the appointment of the National Team Strengthening Committee to decide the new coach스포츠토토. All domestic figures who were mentioned as Jacheon and Tacheon withdrew. In the end, KFA appointed Michael Müller from Germany, who had been working as the chairman of the Technology Development Committee, as the chairman. This was the first time that a foreigner was appointed to the head of the National Team Strengthening Committee, which is responsible for fostering and managing the national team. The National Power Enhancement Committee was also reorganized with a new face.

As a foreign director, the strands were caught early, and various figures emerged around the foreign press. Starting with Jose Bordalas, former Valencia coach, Adenor Leonardo Bachi, former Brazil national team coach, Thorsten Fink, former Vissel Kobe coach, Vahid Halihodzic, former Japan national team coach, Roberto Moreno, former Spain national team coach, and Rafael Benitez, former Newcastle coach, were mentioned. . KFA kept its mouth shut during the negotiation process. For reasons of ‘security’, even the Power Reinforcement Committee members were not informed of the progress. The Power Reinforcement Committee held its first video meeting on the 25th of last month and then ‘opened and closed’. The first meeting was also at the level of a meeting.

Instead, the association’s leadership took the lead and moved quickly behind the scenes. KFA has already announced that it will bring in a new coach by the end of February. Prior to the A match in March, an internal policy was also established to accompany the new coach in the announcement of the TSG results of the Qatar World Cup held on March 15th. After contacting several candidates, the conclusion was that Klinsman was the director. In particular, it is said that high-ranking members of the association showed a strong liking for coach Klinsman.

Manager Klinsman, who was a ‘legendary striker’ during his active career, had severe ups and downs after taking over as manager. He has been a barn since 2019 with Hertha Berlin. His latest official activity was the official TSG for the World Cup in Qatar. At the time, he was with Cha Du-ri FC Seoul Youth Director. KFA reached out to coach Klinsman, and coach Klinsman, who wanted to return as a leader, also showed a strong will to accept most of the conditions set by the association.

It is said that there was no big difference in the negotiations from the negotiations to the conclusion. The length of the contract, the annual salary, and even the condition of residency in Korea, which was an issue, were all at once. Coach Klinsman decided to stay in Korea and watch the K-League, as well as pay attention to the national teams at each level. If necessary, he decided to even take care of the U-20 national team game. The coaching staff also came to a conclusion. The KFA informed coach Klinsmann that up to four people could accompany him. Currently, it is possible to organize a division in a situation where physical coaches and tactical coaches are likely to join. The native coach decided to join two people as in Bento’s days.

The terms of the contract are about three and a half years, but there is an intermediate inspection point. It is the Qatar Asian Cup that will be held early next year. The Asian Cup has yet to come up with a specific schedule, but it is likely to start in January next year. KFA conveyed the meaning that the ‘midterm exam’ could be the stage for the Asian Cup, and coach Klinsman agreed.

Chairman Müller and Technical Director Hwang Bo-gwan convened the Power Reinforcement Committee at 4:00 pm on the 27th and reported the negotiations with Coach Klinsman. At this meeting, the negotiation process and the reason for the choice were mentioned. It is said that the committee members who were not able to properly discuss enough and were ‘notified’ of the actual decision showed an angry reaction. 30 minutes after the end of the meeting, the official announcement of the appointment of Klinsman came out. That’s how Klinsman became the new head of Korean football.

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