Kim Myung-hoon, first appearance in Maxim Coffee Cup quarterfinals, etc.

○●… Kim Myung-hoon, first in the quarterfinals of the Maxim Coffee Cup Myung

-hoon Kim, 9th dan, made the first place in the quarterfinals of the 24th Maxim Coffee Cup. In the round of 16 held at the Baduk TV studio on the evening of the 31st, Won Seong-jin was 9th and was discontinued after 176 moves. Relative record is 3 wins in a row after 2 losses in a row.

Kim Myeong-hoon, 9th Dan, commented on the post: “There were mistakes on both sides due to the countdown, but it was definitely good when the opponent used a small pad to clear up the hand in the process of a gang fight.” He also said, “I lost a lot because I put it loose recently, so I wanted to set it up fiercely today.”

This is the first appearance of Maxim Coffee Cup for Kim Myung-hun, 9th dan, who rose to fame last year. In the quarterfinals, Park Jeong-hwan and Han Seung-joo will face off against the winners. Kim Myeong-hun, 9P, ranked 10th, is recording 6 스포츠토토 losses to 3rd place, Park Jeong-Hwan, 9P, and 3 wins to Han Seung-Joo, 9P, 16th.

The prize money for the 24th Maxim Coffee Cup, which invited 32 top rankers among 99 active 9-dan players in Korea, is 50 million won. Next week, the round of 16 matches between Park Jin-sol and Lee Won-young (on the 6th) and Hong Seong-ji and Lee Young-gu (on the 7th) will follow.

In the 2023 YK Gunki Cup 1st Qualifying Round held at the Korea Kiwon Competition Hall on the 31st, Park Jin-Sol 9p, Park Jin-Young 5p, Park Hyeon-Soo 5p, Kim Yun-Tae 2nd P., Choi Cheol-Han 9p, Yu Oh-Sung 7P, Park Ha-Min 9P However, Lee Young-gu 9 dan, Lee Chang-seok 8 dan, and Jung Seo-joon 4 dan won and advanced to the group finals.

The general group preliminaries will be held in 1 and 2 rounds, and in the 2nd round, 6 players who passed the 1st round and ranking seeds Shin Jin-seo, Byeon Sang-il, Shin Min-jun, Park Gun-ho, Won Seong-jin and Ahn Seong-jun will join to select 6 finalists.

In the final round of the 10-man full league, which is the final gateway to determine the two finalists, Dong-Yoon Kang, 9P, the winner of the previous tournament, and Jung-Hwan Park, 9P, the runner-up, are seeded first (one wild card is undecided).

On the other hand, in the rookie group, which was held separately for young players born after 2006, Seung-gu Kim, who joined in December of last year and was born in 2006, took the ticket to the finals.

The 2022 Chinese Gabjo League, which has been postponed repeatedly, will resume on February 3rd Rounds 10-13, which were postponed until the 5th, will be played, and the regular season schedule will be closed with rounds 14-15 on the 6th and 7th.

Then, from the 9th to the 18th, the postseason will cover the final rankings, including the winning team. Chinese players will play face-to-face at the venue in Chengdu, while Korean players will play online in Seoul.

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