Kim Eun-joong, the first match against France on the 23rd… ‘Pressure and speed’

 Under the banner of ‘Again 2019’, Kim Eun-joong, who is participating in the 2023 FIFA Under-20 (U-20) World Cup, sets out to lay the foundation for advancing to the round of 16 against ‘difficult’ France. .

The Korean U-20 soccer team, led by coach Kim Eun-joong, will play the first match of Group F in the group stage of the tournament against ‘Art Soccer’ France at Mendoza Stadium in Mendoza, Argentina at 3:00 am on the 23rd Korea time.

South Korea is behind France and the U-20 national team with 1 win, 3 draws and 4 losses. Their latest encounter was a 1-3 defeat in a friendly in Spain in March 2019.

In the history of the U-20 World Cup, France won the championship once (2013) and placed fourth (2011), and made the quarterfinals (1997, 2001) and the round of 16 (2017, 2019) twice, and Korea also once. Runner-up (2019), 4th place (1983), 3 times quarterfinals (1991, 2009, 2013) and 16th round (2003, 2011, 2017) have consistently produced results.

At the U-20 World Cup stage, Korea and France faced off twice in the group stage (2-4 loss in 1997 and 1-3 loss in 2011), and Korea lost both.

In the 1997 tournament, while France’s Thierry Henry and David Trezeguet conceded two goals each, Park Jin-seop (Busan I-Park coach) was responsible for two goals and fought hard. In the 2011 tournament, Kim Young-wook (Daejeon) scored one goal.

In the previous 2019 tournament, France was eliminated in the round of 16, while Korea advanced to the final and won the runner-up, the best ever, and is on the rise.

Coach Kim Eun-joong is carrying the heavy burden of recreating the myth of the runner-up in the 2019 tournament on his shoulders.

Kim Eun-joong’s 21 Taegeuk Warriors are only determined to have another ‘happy accident’ by inheriting the achievements of their seniors 4 years ago.

Kim Eun-joong, who set passing the group stage as a realistic goal, decided to engage in an all-out battle against France in the first round of group F.

Coach Kim Eun-joong uses the 4-3-3 tactic as the basis for ‘strong pressure and quick turnover’ as a winning strategy.

Before entering Mendoza, Argentina, Kim Eun-joong focused on raising his senses in the real world by undergoing field training for 10 days in Sao Paulo, Brazil.메이저놀이터

On the 14th, the national team won 2-1 against Winners FC, an amateur team in Sao Paulo, with Lee Seung-jun (Seoul) and Lee Chan-wook (Gyeongnam) scoring goals, and Lee Seung-won (Gangwon) in the second match against Palmeiras U-20 Club on the 16th. and Lee Yeongjun (Kimcheon), who scored multiple goals, won a 3-0 victory.

Lee Seung-jun is also famous as the son of Lee Eul-yong (general manager of the Yongin City Soccer Center), who played a key role in the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup semifinals.

In addition, tall defender Kim Ji-soo (Seongnam), 192 cm tall, who recently received a love call from Brentford in the English Premier League (EPL), is holding the center of the four-back and firmly guarding the back door of the national team.

FIFA introduced Kim Ji-soo as Korea’s key player while introducing the first match between Korea and France through its website.

After the match against France, Korea will face Honduras at 6:00 am on the 26th and Gambia at 6:00 am on the 29th to advance to the round of 16.

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