Kim Do-young’s ball-tearing shot, made by ‘Nasta School’…Choi Won-joon also quit the course

“They’ll pay tuition”.

The Kia Tigers have a Nasta School to produce musclemen. The first student is Little Lee Jong-bum. He’s back in the leadoff spot, swinging for the fences. His upper body has become like Robocop’s, and he’s making bullet holes. Soon after, he had a second student. Choi Won-jun is back from military service.

Kim Do-young is back after a long rehabilitation for a left instep injury and is making his presence felt as a leadoff hitter. He had two hits in the first game and two doubles in the second game. Then, against Kiwoom on July 27, he hit a single in his first at-bat, stole a base and scored a run. He has produced hits in three consecutive games and has been a steady presence in the leadoff spot.

Kim Do-young has been much different. He is producing powerful bullet hits. “It was like she was tearing the ball apart,” said Lee Kang-chul. There was a reason. His upper body had changed dramatically. He had bulked up properly. During his rehabilitation, he stuck to upper body strength training. He had become a muscle man. There was the presence of senior Na Sung-bum.

Na Sung-bum boasts a huge amount of muscle. When he joined KIA as a free agent, Choi Hyung-woo said, “I’m nothing compared to him,” and he was right. Jaws dropped at the weight he lifted in weight training. He’s so addicted to training that everyone is copying him. He was forced to withdraw from the tournament due to a calf muscle injury.

Kim Do-young was also injured in the second game of the tournament, so they rehabbed together and naturally became Nastar School students. When asked about the secret to her strong hitting, Kim said, “I did a lot of weight training. My lower body was good, but my upper body was not. I made up for it by continuing to lift weights with Sungbum Na.”

“We both had leg injuries, so we couldn’t train our lower bodies, so we only worked on our upper bodies. I kept Do-young doing my routine for about a week. At first, he struggled. I kept pushing him hard, saying, ‘You have to do it, you can get bigger.’ After a few weeks of doing it, I saw some changes in his body, so I tried to do it. I added more weight. When I took a day off, I was proud to say, “Why don’t you do more today? I think it helped because I saw the quality of my shots. I’m behind on my tuition, but I’ll take care of it. “He laughed.

He continued, “He has a good personality even though we are more than a year apart in age. I went to Japan (for rehab) with him. We stayed together. We ate rice and went to the sauna together, and he kept following me around like an alter ego. It helped me too. I learned my natural running strength. When I go into a match, I don’t lift weights, but they catch me on purpose. Now I’ll take (Choi) Wonjun with me. He says he’s working hard, but I don’t think it’s enough,” he said.온라인바카라

Won-joon Choi got a slimmer body when he was discharged from the army. He immediately started, but has struggled a bit. He hasn’t played many games this year due to a shoulder injury, which has slowed his batting. However, he has a track record of 174 hits, so he should rebound soon. If he gets energy from Na Sung-bum’s school, he is expected to have a strong showing.

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