KGC that couldn’t catch Oh Se-geun and Moon Seong-gon, fans are leaving… “Truck demonstrations were done out of love, it’s no longer worth it”

On the afternoon of the 18th, shocking news was delivered. Following Yang Hee-jong, leader Oh Se-geun, who will lead Anyang KGC, signed a free agency contract with Seoul SK for a total of 750 million won in compensation for 5 years.

In fact, according to rumors in the basketball world, there were many stories about not only Moon Seong-gon but also Oh Se-geun’s negotiations with KGC not being so smooth. In the end, when Moon Seong-gon left for Suwon kt, this became true, and Oh Se-geun was left.

Even in the process of negotiating with Oh Se-geun and KGC, most officials expected ‘remaining’. Oh Se-geun is not just a good basketball player. After Yang Hee-jong, he was the player who would be permanently absent from KGC. Since his founding, he has led all four championships and has always stood at the center. It is true that a lot of meaning has disappeared now, but it seemed that the last romance of being a one-club man and a franchise star would be preserved.

However, even Oh Se-geun left. KGC offered more than 800 million won in the final negotiation process, but the player’s heart was already inclined to SK. It is not Oh Se-geun who chose to part with a simple difference in money. He hoped that KGC would want more of him, but they fell apart.

KGC fans seem to be in shock. Not a few people inquired about the exact reason for the transfer of Oh Se-geun and Moon Seong-gon through the community as well as my personal SNS. There were also many fans who responded that it would be difficult to support KGC any longer.

In the meantime, KGC has continued the dismantling formula of ‘Ginseng Shinki’ after winning the championship. The process and results were the same from the 1st period to the 2nd period and this time to the 3rd period. Even Oh Se-geun, who accompanied Yang Hee-jong from season 1 to season 3, left, and the shock couldn’t be small. Moon Seong-gon was also the successor designated by Yang Hui-jong.

It was KGC that had the best season, including winning the 2022-23 season and winning the EASL Champions Week. The enthusiasm of KGC fans in the playoffs and championship match was the best ever. However, the joy of winning was barely a month away.토토사이트

KGC fans held a truck protest a year ago to protest the transfer of manager Kim Seung-gi and Jeon Seong-hyun. The fan who led the truck protest at the time sent a message again after a year.

The fan said, “I don’t know if KGC is trying to sell the basketball team. Last year, I sent a message asking if I would sell all of Oh Se-geun and Moon Seong-gon as a truck protest phrase, but a year later I really sold them all. Team washing (changing the cheering team) seems difficult. It seems that the basketball of my life has ended here.”

“It’s unfortunate and sad that I did the truck protest, but it’s because I have affection for the team I support and it was worth it. Now I know it’s not worth the truck protest. So I am leaving,” he added.

This message does not represent the position of all KGC fans. However, it is also true that the current situation is not as good as this. As there is a saying, ‘more bad comments than no comments’, in the end, living off the attention of the fans is a professional sport and the key. Perhaps KGC’s more urgent task will be to change the hearts of the fans away from the departure of the main players.

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