Juventus ‘Recruit Kim Min-jae’… It wouldn’t be ’58 million euros’

Kim Min-jae (26, Naples) is interested in Juventus. However, Kim Min-jae cannot be recruited with the buyout amount alone.

On the 18th (Korean time), many, including the Italian media ‘Napoli Piu’, announced that “Juventus wants to bring Kim Min-jae. They have a plan to pay the buyout clause.”

It was a quote from Italian journalist Paolo Esposito. Esposito said, “Juventus Giuntoli has plans to bring Kim Min-jae to Juventus. He intends to pay a buyout of 58 million euros (approximately 83.8 billion won). The key is whether we can recruit players.”

According to Esposito’s remarks, Juventus intends to jump into the race to sign Kim Min-jae. Currently, top European teams, including Manchester United, are approaching Kim Min-jae and are trying to pay a 58 million euro buyout, which will be triggered temporarily from July 1 to 15.

But with Juventus, the story is different. Kim Min-jae’s buyout only applies to teams other than Italy’s Serie A. If Juventus wants to recruit Kim Min-jae, they will have to negotiate a transfer fee with Napoli. ‘Napoli Piu’ also pointed out, “The Kim Min-jae buyout clause only applies to overseas teams. There is a big problem with Juventus’ plans.”안전놀이터

Quite a few teams want Minjae Kim, but Minjae Kim is in no hurry. Rather, what is urgent is the team that wants to recruit Napoli and the team that wants to catch up. Kim Min-jae’s side also announced through ‘Sport TV News’, “I saw the transfer rumors to Manchester United, but nothing has been decided. The season is not over. There is no reason to be in a hurry. I am focusing on finishing this season well.”

According to local reports, Napoli set a condition for allowing Kim Min-jae to transfer after one year in order to raise his salary. However, Kim Min-jae rejected the Naples offer and plans to stick with his existing contract.

In Italy, “Kim Min-jae is highly likely to leave Naples and go to Manchester United,” and even reported the detailed conditions during the contract period, but the UK is watching, saying, “It is not yet at that stage.” Recently, following Manchester United, Newcastle United has been linked with Kim Min-jae.

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