‘Jung Dae-young and Bae Yoo-na’ are both 76 years old together, but age is just a number… Admire the still skills 

He shined even in defeat. Age is just a number for Korea Expressway Corporation veteran middle blockers Jung Dae-young (41) and Bae Yoo-na (33).

Jeong Dae-young and Bae Yuna are firmly guarding the center of the road construction. To the extent that it is accurate to say that his age is colorless, his performance is good. Dae-Young Jeong played 12 games before the match against Heungkuk Life Insurance on the 13th, recording 79 points – 0.688 blocks per set – 34.29% success rate. He is ranked 5th in blocking and 12th in fast break.

Bae Yoo-na is said to be more amazing. She is currently scoring 166 runs in 12 appearances. He ranks first in move offense and ranks first in blocking with 0.816 per set. Scored in double digits in all but two games. Ranked 11th in points, it is second in the team after Katarina Jovic (registered name Katarina).

Ahead of the game on this day, Heungkuk Life coach Kwon Soon-chan warned, “The road construction is a team with a good height.”

From the first set, Jeong Dae-young shone. Stopping Kim Mi-yeon’s quick open at 5-3 was just the beginning. In 10-7 and 12-7, she blocked Kim Mi-yeon’s attacks consecutively, giving strength to the team to solve the first set smoothly. The final score in the first set of road construction also came from Jeong Dae-young’s hand. Jung Dae-Young blocked Jung Yun-Joo’s attack in 24-20. In the first set alone, he scored 4 points by blocking.

Even in the 2nd set, Jeong Dae-young stood out. It was no exaggeration to say that he dominated the center. In 6-4, Kim Da-eun’s attack was blocked, and in 7-8, Kim Na-hee’s fast attack was blocked. Even before the game was over, he tied the record for the most blocks in an individual game this season.

Did you score only by blocking? Of course not. He added a goal thanks to his concentration in the center. Pushing in 16-13 and breathing with Lee Yun-jung in 19-14, he scored the first moving attack in the game that day.

In the third set, Jeong Dae-young was quiet. Bae Yuna, who stayed at 5 points in the 1st and 2nd sets, began to add strength in the attack. Of course, even though the road construction gave 3 sets, Bae Yu-na scored 5 points including 1 blocking.

In addition, Bae Yoo-na blocked Yelena’s attacks in a row in the 4th set. He also scored valuable offensive points at 10-14. The match was 2-2 with the 4th set being tight. I went to 5 sets. Bae Yoo-na scored 13 points, including 4 blocks, and Jung Dae-young scored 8 points, including 6 blocks.

In the 5th set, 2-4, Bae Yuna added 1 block. I completely blocked the attack of opponent Yelena Mrazenovic (registered name Yelena). 메이저사이트

On this day, the road construction lost 2-3. But Bae Yoo-na and Jung Dae-young shone. This is because they combined 23 points with 11 blocks in the center. Bae Yoo-na decided to score 5 blocks – 15 points, and Jung Dae-young decided to score 6 blocks – 8 points.

When the ages of the two players are combined, they are 76 years old in Korean age. But to them, age is just a number. I still admire their skills.

After the game, coach Kwon Soon-chan, the enemy general, also said, “We learned a lot from the other side by playing. Our players are physically apart. I knew what I had to do, but my body wouldn’t follow me. Because of that, it took a lot of attacks,” he said.

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