Join the day before the game… What about Sunhong Hwang?

There is a lot of interest and anticipation for Lee Kang-in, who is included in the Hangzhou Asian Games soccer team roster. While coordination with the team has not yet been clearly resolved, another variable has made it more difficult for Lee Kang-in to join the team early.

This is reporter Lee Jeong-chan’s exclusive report.


Lee Kang-in, who is considered a key resource in both the national team led by Klinsman and the Asian Games team coached by Hwang Seon-hong, decided to board the Klinsman during the A-match next month right before the Asian Games.

An official from the Korea Football Association told SBS, “Coach Klinsman strongly wants Lee Kang-in.”

Director Hwang Seon-hong, who promoted Lee Kang-in’s early joining, expecting Klins’s consideration, is in a perplexing position.

Originally, the Asian Games national team planned to convene in Korea on the 4th of next month as a ‘complete team’ to strengthen their organizational skills and then cross over to Hangzhou, but if this is the case, Lee Kang-in’s joining will be possible only on the 18th, the day before the first game of the group stage at the earliest.

Coach Klinsman, who has yet to win four games after taking office, is known to be planning to call in two or three more Asian Games representatives in addition to Lee Kang-in, in order to build as many elite members as possible at this call.스포츠토토

Son Heung-min,

It is time for more smooth coordination of opinions between the two national teams and active mediation by the association.

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