Jeju’s first win in the league depends on ‘Seoul Killer’ Kim Joo-gong

Jeju United set out to change the atmosphere with their first win of the season against FC Seoul. The vanguard is the ‘Seoul Killer’ Kim Joo-gong.

Jeju clashes with Seoul in the Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023 Round 4 home game held at Jeju World Cup Stadium on March 18 (Sat) at 4:30 pm. Jeju has recorded three consecutive draws (2 draws and 1 loss) since the opening of this season. Many players, including captain Choi Young-joon, were on the injured list and did not gain momentum. Accordingly, Jeju plans to exert all efforts in the match against Seoul ahead of the A-match break and make every effort to reorganize. 

In particular, Jeju is showing a strong side to Seoul. Last season, they lost 1-3 in the FA Cup round of 16, but dominated the league with 2 wins and 1 draw. In the last 10 head-to-head matches, they are leading with 7 wins and 3 draws. Seoul was once called Jeju’s nemesis, but now Jeju has become Seoul’s new nemesis.

In order to save this psychological advantage, the zero point of victory must be regained. Jeju has recorded only one goal (tied for 10th in the league) in three games this season. It’s not that there are few shooting attempts. He attempted a total of 35 shots (5th in the league) and recorded 14 shots on target (4th in the league). All are above the league average. 안전놀이터

If more detailed work is done in the finishing process, it is a pace that can score multiple points. In addition to the combination play of frontline striker Yuri and side striker Hayes, who showed tremendous destructive power during winter training, it is time to finish off another attack option.

‘Seoul Killer’ Kim Joo-gong, who excels in a wide range of activities, goal-making ability, and speed, is a player who can be the answer. Kim Joo-gong was placed in the second line in the face-to-face match against Seoul on August 5 last year (2-0 win) and focused on attacking the opponent’s back space, and even scored a header goal in the 5th minute of the second half. It was a scoring scene that properly showed the presence of a versatile attacking card.

Kim Joo-gong said, “It’s a pity that scoring has not been easy this season. However, shooting opportunities keep coming, so you have to be calm and not rushed at times like this. Last season, we scored a goal against Seoul, but we have confidence, but we have to throw away our arrogance. I will do my best to prepare for the Seoul match.”

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