“I’ve been following KIM since 4 years ago”… Naples being rewarded as a result


is news that Naples has been observing ‘Iron Pillar’ Kim Min-jae from an early age.

Kim Min-jae is Napoli’s key centre-back. In his first season in Serie A, it is overshadowed by the fact that it is his debut season, and he is showing stable defensive power. Coach Luciano Spalletti believes in Kim Min-jae’s defense, coverage, and football intelligence, and can induce other players to advance, which makes it possible to implement aggressive football.

His team, Napoli, is also having a ‘previous season’. This season, Napoli is showing an overwhelming power to the point of being 13 points behind second-placed Inter Milan. Now, with 18 games remaining in the league, Napoli’s high-flying streak continues.

At the center of it was Kim Min-jae’s performance. Kim Min-jae is recognized in Italy to the extent that he won the Serie A Player of the Month award last September. He’s also enjoying his impressive debut season, putting in some league-best 먹튀검증 performances.

Going back, Kim Min-jae’s ability has been recognized since before. Kim Min-jae, who went through Gyeongju KHNP and Jeonbuk Hyundai in Korea, showed a calm defense while putting pressure on the opponent striker with a bold defensive style, and took off as a center back in the national team.

Kim Min-jae, who grew up day by day, challenged the European stage through Guoan, Beijing. Kim Min-jae, who joined the prestigious Fenerbahce of Turkiye in 2021, immediately took his place as the main player and conquered the Turkish League in one season. Equipped with a solid physique, reckless defense, stability, and build-up ability, Min-jae Kim grew day by day and eventually headed to Italy’s prestigious Napoli, where he is having his best season.

Kim Min-jae, who has now become the core, is known to have been interested in Naples for a long time. Italian media ‘Calcio Napoli’ quoted ‘Gazetta dello Sport’ on the 2nd (Korean time) and revealed the secret story of Kim Min-jae recruitment. The media said, “Napoli received a report from Cristiano Giuntoli and followed and observed Kim Min-jae from 2019. We continued scouting and never missed it.”

He added, “Director Giuntoli chose Min-jae Kim as the best solution to replace Kalidou Coulibaly, and continued to appeal to President Aurelio De Laurentiis for economic sustainability. And coach Spalletti fell in love with Min-jae Kim.” .

As a result, it means that Jiuntoli has been interested in Kim Min-jae since his days in Guoan, Beijing. Director Giuntoli observed Kim Min-jae from beginning to end and was able to persuade Chairman De Laurentis with confidence. Indeed, there was a reason why Kim Min-jae was evaluated as the ‘masterpiece’ of director Jiuntoli.

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