“It’s unfortunate to give up one goal…it’s harder for In-Jin Kyu and Na Sang-ho” despite the ‘85.7% save percentage’ feat

‘Daejeon’s’ Lee Chang-geun, 30, was crowned ‘Light Chang-geun’ for his unbelievable saves.

Team K-League came from behind to beat Atletico Madrid 3-2 in a friendly match of the Coupang Play Series at the Ulwold Cup Stadium on Sunday. With this, Team K League gave the ‘Spanish giants’ a bitter taste of defeat when they visited Korea for the first time in their history.

The star performer was Lee Chang-geun, who made six saves in the first 45 minutes to deny the world’s top strikers time and time again. His save percentage was a whopping 85.7% (6/7).

It was practically a showcase for Lee. Atletico had a whopping 12 shots in the first half alone, including 11 in the box. They also had seven shots on target. However, Lee was able to save all of them, with the exception of one, which he conceded from a second ball.

Lee received 52160 votes in the Team K League fan poll, second only to Sejingya (56133). On the day, he showed the quality of the most voted domestic player by proving himself against the ‘Spanish giants’ Atletico.

Head coach Hong Myung-bo gave Lee Chang-geun generous applause, saying, “I think it was a great motivation for us to concede only one goal thanks to Lee Chang-geun’s saves,” and “Many players did well today, especially Lee Chang-geun, who blocked several shots from the opponent.”

The Daejeon club was also pleased with Lee’s performance. Daejeon posted an all-white photo on social media, adding, “Lee Chang-geun’s hair is beautifully cut.” On this day, Lee was simply referred to as “light.

“We prepared well, and everyone told me to just have fun and not be nervous. We decided to do our best until the end, regardless of the result. It was a really meaningful All-Star Game that we got the result,” he said.

However, Lee Chang-geun was more concerned about the one concession than his six saves. “I was worried,” he said, “but I thought, ‘If I’m going to concede, I’ll just let the world-class players eat it up.’ I thought, ‘Let’s focus more on the buildup,’ and it worked out well, so thankfully we only conceded one goal,” he said, adding, “Looking back on it now, the one goal was very unfortunate. It’s unfortunate that we conceded a goal due to a miscommunication.”

Lee continued, “The short video prepared by the analyst was very helpful. I watched a lot of Alvaro Morata’s and Antoine Griezmann’s shooting trajectories, and I think I matched them well, but they were too good for me, so I panicked, but fortunately we won. It’s more important that we won than that I made a save.”

When asked about his most memorable save, Lee said, “On the corner kick, Morata cut in and headed it in. I thought it was a goal, but it hit my hand, hit the post, hit my foot, and went out again. I think I was lucky to save that one, too.”

Atletico have a world-class goalkeeper in Jan Oblak, who didn’t play that day. Would he have switched jerseys or spoken to him?

“No, I didn’t think about it. I think I should have exchanged with (Cho) Hyun-woo, I like him better. Of course, I thought about it because he’s a high-level player, but I think he might be upset if I won. I wanted to give it to the fans, so I gave it to them after the first half. I wanted to give it to them in the second half, but I couldn’t because of my clothes. I’ll give it to them when I get a chance,” he said.

When asked if he knew how many shots he had blocked, Lee said, “About four?” and was surprised to hear it was six, then added, “I wasn’t nervous. I didn’t think it was that big of a game, but when I played today, I thought it was a great honor to be able to play like this.”

Lee Chang-geun also said, “After the game, I realized that I played with a team like this. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have foreign aspirations, but I’m a member of Daejeon now. I’m going to focus more on Daejeon until the end of the game.”

Atletico’s shooting wasn’t anything special for Lee, either: “I think it was more difficult for (Joo) Min-kyu or (me) Sang-ho to shoot. There were many dangerous shots, but all strikers are always dangerous. Our K League players were not lacking either.”온라인바카라

In conclusion, Lee said, “I am here thanks to the fans. The only thing I can do is answer them on the pitch. I feel like I did a good job of showing my gratitude today. I will do my best to prepare for the next game and show them a good performance.”

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