“It’s more than expected?”…No ‘middle’, Samsung gets young blood in the ‘transfer student effect’

“The atmosphere is building well.”

The Samsung Lions made the trade with the KIA Tigers on July 5. They sent catcher Kim Tae-gun (34) and received infielder Ryu Ji-hyuk (27).스포츠토토

There were two main reasons for Samsung to acquire Ryu Ji-hyuk. The first was to simply bolster the lineup. The infield was faltering with errors all over the place, and the defense needed to be strengthened. Ryu is a utility player who can play any position in the infield. He has the defensive ability to slide into any spot where defense is needed. On top of that, Ryu has a decent batting average, hitting in the mid-to-high double digits, and good operational skills.

Another was the balance of the squad. Samsung’s roster is currently dominated by either senior players or rookies. They lacked a bridge player in the middle of the order. Koo Ja-rook is the captain, but there are other things that only a mid-level player can do.

When Samsung coach Park Jin-man signed Ryu Ji-hyuk, he said, “Ryu Ji-hyuk has a lot of experience. Our outfielders are either younger or older. He’s around the same age as Koo, so he’ll help us in the middle of the order.” “I think he’ll be a big help in the outfield as well. He has a lot of advantages,” he said.

Samsung’s hopes for the Ryu Ji-hyuk effect have been realized to perfection. In his first 22 games since August, Ryu is batting 3-for-4 with two doubles and two home runs. In the last three days, he’s been all over the field with a multi-hit, two-double performance.

While he is doing his part, he is also starting to help his juniors grow. His actions on the field, not his words, are a good lesson for the younger players.

Park mentioned Ryu Ji-hyuk while highlighting Kim Sung-yoon’s recent performance. He said that Ryu Ji-hyeok is the reason why Kim Sung-yoon is more active on the field and plays aggressively on the basepaths.

Park said, “I think the overall atmosphere is Ryu Ji-hyuk’s effect. Ryu Ji-hyeok has been making gap-digging plays when he’s been on base, and the juniors are seeing that, and it’s creating an atmosphere that’s rubbing off on the team.”

It was expected, but it was more than that. “We made a trade to fill a gap,” Park said. Ryu Ji-hyuk came to Samsung and showed us a side of his life that we didn’t see in other teams. It was more than I expected.”

Koo Ja-rook is the captain, so he has to hold the whole thing together, but Ryu Ji-hyuk is doing a good job of leading the juniors in the middle,” Park said, smiling at the team’s increased passion and determination.

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