“It’s hard, but I play” KIA 34-year-old nuclear catcher AVG 0.167…no time to rest ‘Happy Baseball’

“It’s hard, but I’m going to play.”

For KIA catcher Kim Tae-gun (34), it’s happy baseball. For a while, he was a starter in the NC, but for a long time, he was a second baseman, blocked by Yang Ji (Doosan) and Kang Min-ho (Samsung). He became a veteran in the main lineup, but he didn’t get many chances compared to his skills.

Kim Tae-gun’s move to KIA came about because KIA wanted him badly, but it’s also a blessing for Kim Tae-gun. There’s nothing like being a starter, playing a lot, adding value, contributing to the team, and being recognized. Kim Tae-gun showed that as soon as he joined the team earlier this month. With his energetic personality, he quickly became a keystone catcher.

It didn’t take long for his hitting, pitching, and defense to prove that he was more than just a backup, but he definitely took a breather in the second half. In four games, he went 2-for-12 with no RBI and no runs scored. On the 26th, he pitched well and helped his team to a big win, but at the plate, he had two walks. His batting average in the last 10 games is also not good, at .242.

“He’s having a hard time,” Kim Jong-kook said before the game against Changwon NC on Nov. 27, but Kim doesn’t want to give him a break. “If he’s too tired, I’ll give him physical rest, but right now, it’s more important for him to diligently match up with the KIA pitchers.

KIA is in a crucial stretch. Every game in the second half is Game 7 of the Korean Series. We’re not just looking at the best-of-five, we’re looking above that. With Kim Tae-gun here, we shouldn’t be satisfied with fifth place because of the composition of the team. We didn’t have a lot of time with the KIA pitchers before the season, so we have to learn as much as we can in practice.

“Tae-gun needs to keep going,” Kim said. He needs to take a lot of pitches and make a lot of appearances. It’s going to be tough, but we’re going to send him out there.” In the case of the 27th game, backup Han Jun-soo was called up at the last minute, but it’s likely that Tae-gun will go out five times a week.

Kim Tae-gun’s true value is the offensive performance he produces while playing every day. Even if he doesn’t get a hit at the plate, this time to get to know the pitchers is invaluable. It’s even better when the pace picks up when you get to bat.

Beyond KIA’s top five, Kim also needs to perform well to put himself in a better position in his non-free agent multi-year contract negotiations. Kim’s agency and the Kia brass are already in contact. Industry observers believe that a deal will likely be announced before the end of the season. The prospect of a non-free agent multi-year contract could be an incentive for Kim, and if he performs better as a starter, the size and terms of his contract could improve.온라인바카라

This is why there is no time for Kim to rest. It’s time to push harder for the team and for himself. As long as he doesn’t get injured.

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