‘In service’ Makkanen wins Skill Development of the Year Award 

Lauri Makkanen (25, Finland) received the Skill of the Year award six seasons after his debut.

According to the announcement made by the NBA Secretariat on the morning of the 25th (Korean time), Makanen won the MIP of the Year for the 2022-23 season.

Makkanen beat Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and New York Knicks guard Jaylen Brunson to win the MIP award.

“It’s amazing that I’m not waking up at 2 a.m. for no reason,” said Makkanen, who is currently in Helsinki, Finland, from the United States, in a video call with TNT. I will be grateful to you and my family.”

Makkanen averaged 25.6 points for Utah in 22-23, averaging more than 10 points more than last season with the Cleveland Cavaliers. He averaged 8.6 rebounds and 1.9 assists per game, all up from the previous year, and his field shooting percentage of 49.9% (17.3 attempts) and 3-point shooting percentage of 39.1% (7.7 attempts) also recorded career highs.

Thanks to these performances, Makkanen was named to the All-Star selection and All-Star selection for the first time in his career, and scored a career-high 49 points against the Houston Rockets in January.

After being drafted by the Chicago Bulls with the 7th overall pick in the 1st round in 2017, Makkanen moved to Cleveland after four seasons. Markanen, who accompanied him for one season in Cleveland, moved to Utah this season and will face his third season of a four-year contract worth 67.4 million dollars (about 100 million won). 스포츠토토

Makkanen, a male Finnish citizen, is currently on compulsory service in a Finnish military unit. With Utah out of the playoffs this season, Makkanen could move to Finland this month.

Speaking about his military life, Makkanen said, “The days are pretty long, but I work 12 hours in a row,” but he said, “It’s fun to get to know and make friends with new people.”

Meanwhile, Gilgeous-Alexander finished second in the MIP poll and Brunson, in his first season in New York, was named third.

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