“In August, we must challenge with a real whole group” LG is only thinking about winning

 “In order to challenge the first place in the pennant race that we aimed for, we can become complete in August.”스포츠토토

The goal of the LG Twins this season is definitely winning. First of all, the primary goal is to win the pennant race. Last year, LG experienced the painful sadness of not advancing to the Korean Series even after finishing the regular season in second place with strong power. You shouldn’t fail twice. As much as they earnestly and more firmly come together, they are advancing towards the goal.

So far, we are running close to the target. LG is currently forming a second round with SSG Landers. It looks like the two teams are tossing and turning for first and second place. Although it is not an overwhelming pace, it is overcoming the crisis without slipping.

Director Yeom Kyung-yeop sees the match as August. SSG coach Kim Won-hyeong is also the same for ‘August match’. Most coaches are looking at the real match in the second half after the hot summer and the All-Star break. This is the most likely time for injury variables to occur as the players’ stamina declines. If you hit and go up here, you can achieve your real goal, otherwise you will slip. Director Yeom Kyung-yeop already knows the importance of the second half through past experiences.

However, the core that LG is aiming for in August is ‘completeness of power’. There were a lot of big and small injured players, but it also means that we have to find a solution by August. LG’s biggest concern is the mound, and that is the domestic starters.

Coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop said, “After the All-Star break, the second half of the season is a battleground. (Kim) Yoon-shik and (Lee) Min-ho may not be able to return to the first team even then. Until then, I will hold on well, and what I want most is (Lee) Jeong-yong as the starter. I think the selection card can also become stronger if you settle down.”

Then, if Kim Yun-sik and Lee Min-ho return to the first team, “If the two return and Jung Yong-i takes his place, there will be more cards to use. 1+1 can also be done. If only one of Lee Jeong-yong or Kim Yun-sik takes the 4th starting spot, everything will go smoothly. I want to create a situation where the 5 starters can also rotate according to the opponent. In that case, I think we can become a complete group that can challenge the pennant race that we aimed for.”

The problem is that no further injuries occur. Although it is LG’s lineup, which boasts the highest level of durability in the league, there was also a variable in which key players were left out one after another due to minor injuries. Head coach Yeom Kyung-yeop emphasized that additional injuries should not occur in August, when the game is in full swing. Coach Yeom said, “I wanted a complete team in June, but it didn’t work out as baseball prepared. The number of injuries continued to increase. I hoped that the selection would take place in June, but it didn’t happen. From August, I really thought that the composition of our team was worth winning. I am preparing like that,” he said, revealing his strong will.

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