“I’m ready to learn Korean culture” There is a big leaguer who chose the KBO League right before the camp

NC Dinos finished recruiting foreign players after a lot of hard work. The last spot is left to a 28-year-old pitcher who played in the major leagues until last year. Taylor Widener, who was looking for an opportunity with the Arizona Diamondbacks, signed a contract worth $743,000.

On the afternoon of the 31st, NC announced that it had concluded a contract with Widener. Widener recorded an average fastball velocity of 150 km/h (up to 155 km). As for his other pitches, he mainly uses a slider and changeup, and throws a mix of curveballs. Until just before the season last year, he competed for 5 starts in Arizona, his team, and in 2021, he started 13 out of 23 big league games.

Widener, 28, chose the KBO League rather than trying again in the major leagues. The KBO League starts spring training from February 1st, and the Major League starts in mid-February. It was like he changed his mind right before he started preparing for the season. 스포츠토토

Through the club, Widener said, “I am very grateful to have joined the NC Dinos. I will do my best in my role for the Dinos to win again. I look forward to the day I play in front of the Dinos fans.” .

He doesn’t know much about Korea, which is unfamiliar to him yet. Still, I think I am ready to accept the new culture. Widener showed confidence in adapting, saying, “This is my first time learning anything about Korea. However, my family and I are very interested in Korean culture and are ready to learn it.”

He said that preparations for the off-season are no problem. He said, “I have been training pitching 5 to 6 times a week and recently started pitching on the mound. I have been training with weights 3-4 times a week.” He plans to join the NC Arizona camp as soon as the transfer process is completed.

He pitched in 14 games in the major leagues last year, but did not pitch as a starting pitcher. In NC, I want to complete the dream of a starting pitcher that I couldn’t achieve last year. Widener said, “My goal is to play without skipping the starting rotation. Every time I start, I want to bring the team a win.”

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