“If I can’t work out, I’ll pay you money.” “The fine” was set according to Lee’s mood…Victim’s side “I’m not afraid of personal attacks.”

The specific acts of bullying by volleyball player Lee Jae-young (27) have been exposed.

On the 12th, the law firm Ongil Entertainment Law Center, which represented the victims, issued a statement to Lee and Lee Jae-young indicating their legal response, according to The Daily News.

There are two main points of the statement. The fact of Lee Jae-young’s abuse and the 100 million won demanded by the victims.

In the statement, one of the victims, Mr. A, detailed Lee Jae-young’s abusive behavior and claimed that he did not hesitate to make personal attacks.

“One of my teammates had a chin that protruded a bit, but Lee Jae-young suddenly grabbed his chin before the start of the workout and prayed, ‘Please let me win all the competitions,’ and forced other players, including me, to behave badly, saying, ‘Hey, you guys do it too!

“(Lee Jae-young) ran a ‘fine system’ saying, ‘If you don’t work out, you’ll be fined,’ and the fines would go up or down depending on her mood. (For example,) ‘You didn’t work out hard enough today, so you’ll be fined 2,000 won,’ or ‘You didn’t work out correctly today, so you’ll be fined 1,000 won,'” he said.

“The fines collected were used by Lee Jae-young and Lee Da-young as they pleased. They used the money to buy drinks and snacks at the rest area when they went to competitions or training camps, and mostly didn’t give it to the rest of the players.”

In addition, “After the workout, they had the other athletes take care of their own luggage,” and “if an errand player forgot and left Lee Jae-young’s luggage at the gym, they cursed, saying, ‘I’m going to the gym right now to look for it, but if it doesn’t come out, I’ll look for it, bitch,’ ‘If any of my things are missing, you’ll disappear again,’ and ‘Hurry up and find it now, bitch,'” she said.

“After the workout, if he didn’t like a player or didn’t answer his questions, he would say, ‘Don’t you answer me?’, ‘Do your workout right!’, ‘Are you fucking listening to me right now?’ He would pinch the player’s stomach until it bruised. If the athlete cried and asked him to stop because it hurt, he would say, ‘Don’t do it, don’t do it,’ and pinch him even harder.” He explained.

“Not only Lee Da-young, but also Lee Jae-young were the perpetrators of bullying against us and many other athletes,” he emphasized.

The victims’ lawyers also disputed Lee’s claim of a 100 million won settlement.

“The victims and their parents were not willing to settle at first. However, Lee Da-young and Lee Jae-young first proposed a settlement, and we decided to accept it because we thought it meant that they were admitting their mistakes and apologizing sincerely,” said the victims’ lawyer.

“The victims thought that they should receive at least 100 million won in compensation because of the extreme damage they had suffered, but since the players’ side proposed a settlement first, they decided to adjust it through discussion, and as a result, they said they hoped to settle at the level of 50 million won,” he said.

However, “Lee Da-young and Lee Jae-young said that they were the ‘victims’ of the defamation, so they could not settle with the victim’s side, saying that they were considering whether or not to give them a settlement, and in the end, they only offered 3 million won.”

In addition, the two players said they wanted to ‘meet with the victims and ask them if they had written the exposé’ and demanded that the victims ‘publicly apologize for the abuse’. There was no sign of remorse or apology from the perpetrators.”

“They (the victims) have been holding on to the belief that the truth will come out, but recently the two players gave interviews and made false claims about the abuse and the settlement process, causing the victims extreme pain again,” he said.온라인바카라

“At this time, the victims are not considering legal action as they are very tired and physically exhausted, but we will consider legal action if necessary depending on the response of the twin players.”

As for why the victims are exhausted, he explained, “After the abuse by the two players became known, they sued the victims for ‘false and untimely defamation,’ and (after an arduous process) on May 31, the abuse was found to be true and the victims were dismissed by the prosecution.”

Throughout the process, “the victim was exhausted and tried not to respond anymore, but recently, in an interview with Lee Da-young, she denied the abuse again, saying, ‘Lee Jae-young did not do the abuse,'” he explained.

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