There is a demand for shortstop Kim Ha-seong (27), who was nominated for the Gold Glove. However, the San Diego Padres rejected Ha-sung Kim’s trade request. Although he signed a big deal with Zander Bogatz, who will play shortstop, Ha-seong Kim is still imprinted as a necessary presence in the team.

The Athletic, a North American sports media, introduced the Stove League trend on the 20th (hereinafter Korean time) and said, “San Diego AJ Preller signed a free agent contract with shortstop Zander Bogarts and received trade inquiries for infielder Kim Ha-sung and center fielder Trent Grisham. acknowledged However, President Preller introduced that he has no intention of trading.

In response, President Preller explained, “Our intention in signing Bogarts was for position players to be able to play together,” adding, “I like that we have flexible and versatile players on our team.”

San Diego broke everyone’s expectations in this year’s Stove League and took part in a big-fish player scout. Aaron Judge, who signed a nine-year, $360 million retention contract with the Yankees, also bet more than $400 million, but was rejected.안전놀이터 In the end, shortstop Bogatz was brought in for 11 years and 280 million dollars (approximately 361.6 billion won).

Right away, there were two key players in the shortstop position. There is Kim Ha-seong, who has been active as the starting shortstop this season and was also a finalist for the National League Gold Glove. In addition, he was holding on to a shortstop named Fernando Tatis Jr., who was punished for a shoulder injury and a prohibited substance. Tatis Jr. also signed a large contract worth 340 million dollars (approximately 439.4 billion won) in 2021 for 14 years. 

Nevertheless, San Diego did not stop investing and added big stars. Position clearance has become impossible. Bogarts will play shortstop, and Tatis Jr. will likely move to the outfield. And Ha-seong Kim is turning to second baseman, and the idea of ​​forming a keystone combination with Bogatz is emerging as a strong idea. Existing second baseman Jake Cronenworth will take his place at first base. San Diego is considering Cronenworth’s transition because the first baseman position also needs reinforcement. also recently said, ‘Ha-seong Kim stood out at shortstop, but his defensive talent will work well at second base. Cronenworth can skillfully play any position, including first base. Third baseman Manny Machado, shortstop Bogatz, second baseman Kim Ha-seong, and first baseman Cronenworth are expected.” 

He has no need or reason to hurt his ego just because he is being pushed out of the shortstop position. Even if a player with a large amount of money joins, Kim Ha-seong is still recognized as an essential presence in San Diego.