“I almost threw up” Go Knight Kersey’s Asian Games restaurant video abruptly deleted

With the Hangzhou Asian Games set to kick off on Nov. 23, a video of Chinese Go player Qiu Ze, 26, who is best known for his battle with AlphaGo, complaining that he felt “like throwing up” while eating at the athletes’ village has been abruptly removed from social media. In recent days, only videos of him praising the “delicious meal” have been posted.

According to NTD TV, a Chinese-language media outlet based in New York, U.S., on Nov. 16 (local time), Kurze posted a video on social media on Nov. 11 of a meal at the athletes’ village as he prepared to compete in the Asian Games.

In the video, he said that the fish was full of thorns, the pork had a lot of hair on it, and some of the food was frozen food that cost 3 yuan (about $500). While eating lamb, he said the smell was so bad that he said, “I’m going to vomit. If I ate this and got in the car, I would have gotten morning sickness.” Frowning, he filled his stomach with soy sauce and white rice.

Kurze is an influencer with 360,000 followers and 1.43 million likes on his videos. His video quickly went viral on social media, but then it was suddenly taken down. Chinese media articles about his video have also been removed, according to NTD TV.

He later posted a new video on social media, saying, “Here’s the Asian Games meal you want.” The tone of the video was completely different. The atmosphere is completely different. The video shows a bowl full of different types of food, from shrimp to various meats to fresh vegetables, and he even shows himself enjoying it. The video received 107,000 likes.

Three days earlier, he posted another video titled “Asian Games Preparation Diary”. In this video, he continued to praise the meals at the athletes’ village. “As you can see, we had a really good meal,” he said, showing an empty plate after eating a variety of foods. “Actually, what we are eating now is not the official Asian Games meal,” he added. “They say that the Asian Games Village will have more expensive and different types of food than this. “The best is yet to come,” he said, adding that the most authentic Hangzhou food will also be available. His comments were in Chinese with English subtitles.스포츠토토

In February of last year, the cafeteria at the Beijing Olympics was criticized as the worst in history. Athletes said most meals were too fatty and of poor quality. While the South Korean athletes ate Korean lunches provided by the Korean Sports Federation, athletes from other countries complained on social media about the poor food in the athletes’ village.

This has led to suspicions that the Chinese government may have taken down Cai’s video, forcing him to post a new one.

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