Hyeonji Hong VS Jiyeon Shim… Who will take the title of ‘Screen Empress’?

Who will take the title of screen golf empress in 2023?

Golfzon announced on the 27th that it will hold the first final of the 2023 Lotte Rental Lotte Rent-a-Car GTOUR Women’s Tournament at Golfzon Joymaru in Daejeon on the 29th. The competition course is played on the GTOUR Valley course, a virtual golf course, and the winner is determined by summing up the stroke scores of 36 holes in a 4-player play method for 2 rounds per day. The total prize money is 70 million won, and the winning prize is 15 million won. 메이저놀이터

The highlight of the tournament is Hong Hyeon-ji, who won the grand prize and prize money for two consecutive years, and Sim Ji-yeon, who won the championship twice last year. Hyeonji Hong showed off her appearance as the ‘Queen of Screen Golf’ by winning her 3rd season in the 5th round of the GTOUR Women’s Tournament last year.

It is also noteworthy that she won the championship last season after a sudden death match overtime, and Kim Yeong-yoon, who received the attention of many screen golf fans, and Han Ji-min, who finished runner-up, show no concessions.

After winning the championship, Kim Young-yoon said, “It was the result of hitting one stroke after another. Next year, I will ride this trend and aim for the prize money king.”

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