Wolverhampton midfielder Ruben Neves is scheduled to move to Barcelona. Only the final decision of head coach Xabi Hernandez remains.

Spain’s ‘Sport’ reported on the 6th (Korean time), “The transfer of Neves to Barcelona will be completed soon. Only the final decision of Xavi remains. A complete agreement is very close.”

Neves is Wolverhampton’s key midfielder. He is performing excellently on both sides of the offense and defense in the defensive midfield position every season. He is a player optimized for build-up football, especially with his accurate kicking ability.

There are many teams interested in Neves’ performance. Even within the English Premier League (EPL), Arsenal, Manchester United and Liverpool are eyeing it. Among them, Barcelona is active. Barcelona need to replace Sergio Busquets, who has been committed to the team for a long time but has recently suffered from aging. Frankie the dragon is still holding out, but the position to be reinforced is correct. Barcelona approached Neves and offered him a contract, which expires in 2024.

Neves is also said to be positive for Barcelona. “It’s one of the best clubs in the world. Who wouldn’t want to challenge it? I think all players are the same,” he said in a past interview.스포츠토토

Negotiations continued until the transfer market this winter, and now only the final decision of coach Sabi remains. Barcelona would like to recruit Neves right away to reinforce the midfield, but due to continued financial difficulties, they cannot easily invest the transfer fee.

Meanwhile, when Neves leaves for Barcelona, ​​Wolverhampton gets serious. This is because Wolverhampton is experiencing extreme sluggishness this season. Even until last season, Wolverhampton, who finished in 10th place in the league, is currently ranked 19th in the league with 14 points (3 wins, 5 draws, 10 losses) as the organization within the team weakens. In this situation, if ‘key midfielder’ Neves is forced to leave the team, he may not be able to avoid relegation.