Houston looking for manager, considering green trade to reinforce

The Houston Rockets are watching the offseason.

According to reporter Chris Fisher of 『Yahoo Sports』, Houston may trade Jaylen Green (guard, 193cm, 84kg) in the offseason.

Houston is undergoing a major rebuild from the 2020-2021 season. Over the years, he has consistently brought in a number of newcomers, most of whom have established themselves as key players. However, it is known that Houston has not completely ruled out a green trade if it starts to reinforce this summer.

While Houston was looking for a manager, it was confirmed that he was willing to use Green as a trade card. If you trade Green, he can bring other powers through the trade. Houston, which has already secured a large number of salary caps, can quickly boost its power if it utilizes both free agency and trade. In addition to Green, there are many promising players such as Jabari Smith Jr. and Alpharen Sengun.

Green, who entered his second year this season, successfully settled in the NBA. In 76 regular season games, he recorded 22.1 points (.416 .338 .786), 3.7 rebounds and 3.7 assists in 34.2 minutes per game. He has established himself as Houston’s main gun, and unless Houston makes major changes in the summer, the lineup is expected to be built around him. 토스카지노

Not only that, Houston has the best chance of getting a high pick in the coming 2023 draft. He has a good chance of securing the first pick in the first round along with the Detroit Pistons and San Antonio Spurs. If you secure at least the second pick, you can have Scoot Henderson (Ignite). Henderson can also be melted into the team, but if he goes on an offensive move, his nomination rights can also be used as a trade.

In the best case, of course, Houston gets the first round pick. If we call Victor Wembenyama, who is evaluated as the biggest player after Kevin Durant (Phoenix), and bring in a special power from the transfer market, his power can be increased vertically. In addition, it is only a matter of time before Houston makes a leap forward if they trade a number of promising players and transfuse other all-star power.

Meanwhile, Houston is known to be considering Jaylen Brown (Boston) as a candidate for recruitment. Brown’s current contract expires at the end of the upcoming 2023-2024 season. He could be on the transfer market if he doesn’t sign an extension this time around. If a deal doesn’t come through, Houston could be looking for a trade. Houston recently hired Imei Yuduka, who led the Boston Celtics last season, as their new manager.

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