high risk? High Return!… KIA laughs, the new alien ball is alive

KIA’s new foreign pitcher Shawn Anderson (29) has been a player in the recruitment cart of KBO League clubs for the past 1-2 years. Many clubs watched Anderson’s move. However, KIA was the most active, and that’s how they signed a contract with Anderson for a total of $1 million.

This means that there were other clubs that were hesitant to recruit Anderson. One team’s foreign scout called Anderson a “high-risk, high-return style player.” Anderson has enough pitches to succeed in the KBO League. Conversely, he was not a highly regarded player in terms of command and control. Although each club has a different propensity for foreigners카지노, there are cases in which players who are anxious about the ‘control’ are excluded from the list altogether, recalling old memories.

There were also variables. Scout Lee said, “As I changed my position (starter), I modified the overall pitching balance, including the angle of my arms, and there was a point where my speed fell in the process.” I couldn’t guarantee that the balance was completely my own. He saw that there is a possibility of a jackpot if it explodes, but the risk is also great.

However, KIA paid attention to Anderson’s strengths. He was seen as a player who could play his part with his powerful pitches, especially in big games. The recent KBO league trend was also noted. It has been a recent trend that players who can command high fastballs with intimidating physical conditions, pitching form, and an enlarged strike zone have achieved relatively good results. Anderson, who looks like a giant (198 cm) from the batter’s point of view and throws a fast ball, was also a player who fit this.

It remains to be seen, but Anderson’s start is good. In a game against Samsung held in Okinawa, Japan on the 1st, he started and recorded 3 strikeouts in 2 innings, and after virtually flawless pitching, he recorded no runs. There is no need to attach too much importance to this season as hitters who are not accustomed to pitchers’ balls are at a disadvantage, but at least Anderson’s condition deserves a high score.

It literally had power. His highest velocity was 153 km/h, and his four-seam fastball average reached 149 km. Even though foreign players generally tend to build their bodies quickly, it was a speed that could not be ignored. In particular, after catching the 2S, his confidence and ability to make the opponent miss a swing with a powerful high fastball were impressive. Here, he mixed sliders, curves, and changeups. He also had a good ratio of fastballs (10) and breaking balls (9).

Last year, KIA gave up the contracts with Sean Nolin and Thomas Panoni, whose performance itself was not bad, or rather good. They were also good pitchers, but I thought they needed a more intimidating pitcher. Especially in the big games. The pitcher chosen in the process was Anderson. Although general opinions are similar about high risk, KIA dreams of high return rather than the word risk. Expectations are high that a smooth adaptation to the KBO league will be achieved.

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