‘Going to the end’ Strongest Doosan, ‘Miracle of 0%’ Overrun Incheon Metropolitan City Corporation 27:22 ‘1 win 1 loss origin’

The series goes to the end. The ‘strongest’ Doosan stopped the ‘0% miracle’.

Doosan, led by coach Yoon Kyung-shin, won the 2022-2023 season SK Handball Korea League championship match (3 wins, 2 wins) 27-22 against Incheon Metropolitan City Corporation held at SK Handball Stadium on the 7th. Doosan, who lost in the first game, was revived by winning the second game. This season’s champion will be confirmed in the third round on the 9th. Goalkeeper Kim Dong-wook recorded an ERA of 47.06% and was selected as the MVP for the second game. Lee Han-sol (7 goals), Kim Min-gyu (6 goals), Jeong Eui-gyeong (5 goals) and others played evenly and jointly won.

Doosan’s pride was deeply damaged. Doosan is the strongest player in men’s handball. In the Korea League, which was launched in 2011, they won 10 championships out of 11 seasons, except for the 2014 season. In particular, since the 2015 season, he has maintained his 7th consecutive championship. This season also took first place in the regular season. We walked step by step towards the unified victory. This is the reason why the adjective “Uh-U-Doo (Doosan is the winner anyway)” is attached to the name of Doosan.

Allowed a blow. Doosan was defeated by Incheon Metropolitan City Corporation in the first round of the championship decision held on the 7th. The two teams faced off 27-27 in the first half of the 60th minute. Winning and losing were decided in the ‘match-to-throw’. Doosan bowed its head as Chung Eui-kyung and Kang Jeon-gu missed the game throw. They lost 30-31.안전놀이터

Doosan was put on the edge of a cliff. A sense of crisis prevailed. There has never been a time when the top team in the regular league has lost the championship in the championship match.

The curtain on the second round has risen. It was tight. Desperate Doosan and Incheon Metropolitan City Corporation, which gained momentum, did not back down. Throughout the first half, they pursued and chased after each other. The difference between the two teams was only 2 points. However, in the background, Doosan laughed. Doosan finished the first half with a narrow lead of 12-10.

In the second half, Doosan got into the mood. Lee Han-sol scored 18 seconds after the game resumed, widening the score gap. Doosan escaped by tying Kim Yeon-bin and Chung Eui-kyung’s consecutive goals. Goalkeeper Kim Dong-wook’s save also shined. On the other hand, the Incheon Metropolitan City Corporation was somewhat weak. The attack was blocked by the opponent’s block many times. Incheon Metropolitan City Corporation chased after Shim Jae-bok’s goal, but Doosan’s wall was high. Doosan showed concentration until the end and finished the victory.

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