Foreign seismic shift… Ikhbairi→Hyundai Capital Yosubani→Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance

As a result of holding the men’s professional volleyball tryout draft, 4 people remain and 3 new ones join.

On the 8th (hereinafter Korean time), the 2023 KOVO foreign player men’s tryout draft was held in Turkey, Istanbul.

Ikbairi (Libya), who played for Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance last season, will join Hyundai Capital. Ikhbairi ranked 2nd in open attack and quick open attack last season, and showed high skills by ranking 3rd and 4th in scoring and serving, respectively.토스카지노

Yosbani Hernandez (Cuba, Italy), who led Korean Air to the championship in the 2020-2021 season, plays for Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance. Yosbani will wear the uniform for the fourth team in Korea following OK Financial Group (2018-2019 season), Hyundai Capital (2019-2020 season), and Korean Air (2020-2021 season).

Korean Air, which achieved integrated victory in the regular league and championship match, renewed the contract with Lincoln (Australia), and KEPCO and OK Financial Group also continue their relationship with Thais (Netherlands) and Leo (Cuba), respectively.

KB Insurance also renewed the contract with Viyena (Spain), who joined as a substitute player. 

Woori Card was the only one who chose a new person in this tryout. I chose Matei Kok from Slovenia.

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