‘Flip over 14 increments!’ Yonsei University, which overcame Yatoo hunting with back heart, defeated Hanyang University and won 7 consecutive victories

Yonsei University won a new victory by performing a double play in the 4th quarter.

Yonsei University won 84-79 in the home game against Hanyang University in the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League held at the Yonsei University Sinchon Campus Gymnasium on the 26th. Yonsei University started off with a win on this day, following the group game victory, and the face-to-face matches with other groups.

Yonsei University suffered from a terrible Yatoo hunt, but Lee Kyu-tae and Yugi-sang showed their backs and won a new victory. Choi Hyeong-chan and Lee Min-seo’s supporting shots were also excellent.

While Kim Bo-bae was away due to injury, Yonsei University’s Kim Kun-woo started the game for the first time this season. At the beginning of the game, Lee Min-seo and Choi Hyeong-chan put in a 3-point shot and gained momentum (8-4), but the field goal rate dropped sharply in the second half of the first quarter and allowed the opponent to turn around (10-15).

Hong Sang-min broke the scoreless goal for more than 5 minutes with a witty goal under the goal, but Cho Min-geun scored a free throw right before the end of the first quarter, ending the first quarter with a score of 15-21. Yonsei University’s search for Yatoo continued in the second quarter. Yonsei University’s shootings on this day continued to escape the ring, as the first successful field goal in the second quarter came 4 minutes and 30 seconds into the quarter (17-27).

It was at the end of the first half that Yonsei University turned the tide. After putting in an open 3-point shot by Yoo Ki-sang with a great pattern play at the end line, he narrowed the gap by getting Kang Ji-hoon’s foul to admit scoring under the goal (30-32). In addition, Lee Min-seo’s quick break scored following a steal right before the end of the first half, ending the first half with a tie (32-32).

At the beginning of the third quarter, the two teams engaged in a heated outer confrontation. Yonsei University’s Lee Min-seo and Yugi-sang stepped up, while Hanyang University’s Seong-jae Park and Seon-woo Kim put in a 3-point shot. However, Yonsei University did not listen to Yatoo again and allowed Hanyang University a large lead (45-59).

In the final fourth quarter, Yonsei University squeezed the rest of its strength. The decision to overturn the large score gap was forward pressure. Yonsei University held an all-court press, aiming for a turnover from Hanyang University, and it hit the mark. Hanyang University poured out mistakes, including an 8-second violation.

It took less than 5 minutes for the score difference, which had been over 10 points, to reverse. Yonsei University succeeded in turning the game around with Lee Gyu-tae’s scoring under the goal (63-62). Yonsei University scored in a row as if it was a field goal that was missed in the first half.

Choi Hyeong-chan and Lee Min-seo made 3-point shots, and Ahn Seong-woo also joined the scoring race (69-62). Pyo Seung-bin was allowed a 3-point shot, but Lee Gyu-tae and Yu Ki-sang scored and put a wedge in the victory. 크크크벳

On the other hand, Hanyang University made mistakes in the 4th quarter and was unable to maintain the lead it had maintained until the 3rd quarter and lost the victory it had taken.

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