First-round prospect dishonorably dismissed, ‘bat assault’ a devastating consequence…”It happened again, and we had to make a strong decision”

The SSG Landers player who recently came under fire for hitting a junior with a bat has finally left the team.스포츠토토

The SSG Landers announced on the 13th, “We held our own disciplinary committee on the 12th and decided to expel Lee Won-jun, who recently came under fire for his batting behavior.”

The baseball world has been in an uproar lately after it was revealed that the SSG Landers’ second-team squad was involved in an altercation.

The reinforced Futures Field, home to the SSG Futures squad. On June 6th, infielder A took issue with rookie B’s attitude and ordered the juniors to gather for a lunchtime group prank. After the chant, pitcher C assaulted B with a baseball bat, which led to another group chant.

A KBO official said, “He hit him twice with the bat. We recognize this as a very serious matter. There should be no kicking.” Pitcher C, who was hit in the buttocks with a bat, was Lee Won-jun (25), a pitcher who started his professional career as a 2017 first-round pick.

The SSG explained the reasoning behind the severe punishment, saying, “We determined that this was a serious matter that hindered the development of professional baseball and decided to take the strongest sanction that the club can take, which is expulsion.”

SSG also requested a waiver from the Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) on the 13th. The decision was not easy. He had been in trouble three years ago, and another assault scandal prompted the SSG to take strong action.

An SSG representative said, “The player himself is very remorseful. He realizes he did something he shouldn’t have done. However, he also recognizes the seriousness of the situation and has taken it in stride,” the official explained.

“It’s a really serious thing, not only for the baseball world, but for society in general, and he relapsed,” the official said, adding, “We were thinking about what to do, and everyone agreed that it shouldn’t happen again, so we made a strong decision.” The official explained the background of the decision to suspend the player.

After being discharged from the army last year, Lee was highly anticipated during this year’s first camp in Florida, USA, and had recently improved his latent stats based on sports science in the second team, but in the heat of the moment, he lost control of his temper and ended up hanging up his SSG uniform.

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