Sinisa Mikhailovich dies after a long struggle with disease
▲ After confessing to fighting leukemia in 2019, he showed a will to recover, but died
▲ Age of death, 53 years old. Mihailović, who was called a miraculous icon, led Bologna even while fighting an illness and became a hot topic
▲ Serie A clubs also paid tribute

Reporter Park Moon-soo = This is unfortunate news. Serbian legend Sinisa Mihajlović, who made a name for herself as a coach in Italy’s Serie A, has died after battling leukemia. He is 53 years old.

This media ( ‘Italian Edition’ reported the news of Mikhailovich’s death through breaking news on the afternoon of the 16th.

In 2019, Mikhailovich announced the news of leukemia transparency. After promising to return at the time, he drew attention by holding the Bologna baton again after receiving chemotherapy.

He even received a positive test for Corona 19, making the people around him tremble with anxiety, but he stood up proudly. Even during his illness, he did not lose his passion for football and until recently held the helm of Bologna.

However, he suddenly went into a coma, and his consciousness became unclear. In the end, in the arms of his family, Mikhailovich said goodbye to his world.

Even while battling leukemia, Mikhailovic showed an extraordinary passion for football. Despite leading his poor body, he was called a miracle icon with the will to “respect this disease. I will face it. I will overcome it. I will come back메이저사이트.” Unfortunately, his condition worsened. That’s how he broke up with football.

During his career, Mikhailovic was called a master of set pieces. Although he was a defender, his sharp kicking power stood out. He mainly played for Serie A clubs such as Lazio and Inter Milan. He also worked in Rome and Sampdoria. He dominated the Italian stage for 14 years as a professional player.

After his retirement he turned into a leader. He started out as Inter head coach, and he went through several clubs. He even took the helm of the Serbian national team. He managed Bologna from 2019 to 2022, after going through Sampdoria, Milan and Turin.

He was called a miracle icon, but he was fired for poor performance at the beginning of this season. After stepping down from his managerial duties, he battled illness, but collapsed in a sudden coma. Upon not regaining his consciousness, he was forced to bid farewell to his world on December 16, 2022.