Everything about ‘Nangrang 18-year-old’ Lee Hae-in… gold medals, K-pop and world championships

My throat was hoarse from cheering my brothers. I am the sound of a chick during the men’s game.”

Lee Hae-in (18, Sehwa Girls’ High School), who is considered the “post Kim Yu-na,” cheered hard. Fourteen years after Yuna Kim, she won the gold medal in women’s singles at the International Skating Union (ISU) ‘Four Continents Figure Skating Championships’, then was busy cheering on her brothers who competed in men’s singles.

Lee Hae-in visited the men’s free skating arena and enjoyed cheering from the stands. She was to give strength to Cha Jun-hwan (22, Korea University) and Lee Si-hyung (23, Korea University). Lee Hae-in said, “Every time my brothers landed during the game, there was someone in the stands who screamed, and that was me.” laughed

In fact, Lee Si-hyung received support from female players including Lee Hae-in before the match and smiled widely. Perhaps thanks to that, he finished the performance without any mistakes and received a good grade. However, Lee Hae-in said that he was hoarse. “My throat hurt so bad, but the crowd recognized me every time I screamed and even took pictures. It was a fun experience.”

“The special thing about this competition is that I made new friends”

Lee Hae-in showed strong mental strength by coming-from-behind victory at the Four Continents Championship. This is because he ranked 6th in the short program (69.13 points), but broke the season’s highest score in the free skating (141.71 points) and ranked first in the overall ranking (total score 210.84 points). Her perfect performance, rising from 6th to 1st, was enough to remind me of Yuna Kim in her days as a player. It was impressive to see a teenage girl calmly achieve her goal. As if the ‘adult’ is sitting inside.

Still, Lee Hae-in is ‘Nangrang 18 years old’. He said that the reason this tournament, his first major tournament as a senior, was special was “not because of the gold medal, but because he made friends.” In particular, he said온라인바카라 that he made friends with Japanese players at the ‘Banquet’, a party held after a figure skating competition. It is said that he has become close with Gao Miura, who took first place in the men’s figure skating singles at this competition. The two are said to be the same age, and Gao said hello to Lee Hae-in first.

The two spoke each other’s languages. Lee Hae-in mobilized all the Japanese he knew, and Gao did the same. Lee Hae-in said, “I’m shy, but I wanted to gather courage and get to know players from other countries,” adding, “Because making friends is another way to enjoy the tournament.”

That is why the world championships to be held in Japan next month are more thrilling than burdensome. Lee Hae-in plans to study Japanese ahead of the World Championships. “It’s the first time I’ve been to Japan since I was born. I’ve studied Japanese a lot, so I want to talk to the players there. I’m looking forward to it because it would be so much fun to meet and talk soon.”

“I love K-pop so much that I choreographed it for the gala show.”

It is 180 degrees different from when he appeared on the silver plate. After the tournament, the 18-year-old girl’s sensibility was revealed at the ‘Gala Show’ for fan service. Lee Hae-in, who created a lively atmosphere in her pink shirt and blue shorts, performed choreography to Ive’s ‘After Like’. In the part of “You and I~”, Ive’s hand movements were also superbly done.

The gala show on this day was a stage that Lee Hae-in practiced alone. Lee Hae-in, a fan of Ive, said that ‘After Like’ is his favorite song. He watched the ‘Afterlike’ video and practiced dancing alone.

Recently, Lee Hae-in’s diary has also become a hot topic. The diary, which was revealed during an interview with a broadcasting company in middle school, drew attention again when she won the gold medal this time. At the time, the diary had drawings of cartoon characters drawn on it, and details of hardships or happiness while practicing figure skating were included. Lee Hae-in said he was still writing a diary.

“When I was interviewed by a broadcasting company in the past, I didn’t know that my diary would come out as it was. I liked drawing cartoon characters, so I made and drew a lucky character. Even now, when I’m having a hard time, I take out my diary and organize my day. Even though it’s hard, it’s good when I organize my thoughts. I write down useless ‘TMI (Too Much Information)’ (laughs). Sometimes, I enjoy reading my diary as if I were reading a book.”

What is the dream of ‘Nangrang 18 years old’ Lee Hae-in? “I want to participate in the Olympics. There is the Milan Winter Olympics in Italy in 2026. I hope to achieve better results in other competitions with that goal. Then, when I compete in the Olympics, I will tell you about my dream again.”

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