“Europe, when the opportunity comes, you must go out unconditionally. but… ” 3 pieces of advice from Juho Park, experienced in Europe

Last winter, Korea heated up with the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Fans cried and laughed at the players of the national team, who wrote the history of fighting spirit and made the achievement of reaching the round of 16 against the world’s strong players, doing their best regardless of big or small injuries.

Now the World Cup is over and Korean football is about to start a new season. Prior to that, some players such as Oh Hyun-kyu (Celtic) and Park Ji-su (Portimonense) moved to Europe and took up the challenge. Park Joo-ho (36, Suwon FC), who returned to the K-League after playing for a long time in Europe, is happy to see the challenge of these juniors. He actively welcomes the challenge of his juniors, and at the same time draws attention by citing three major conditions that must be met.

■Don’t dwell on size

These days, you can easily watch Europe’s leading big league games on TV, such as the English Premier League (EPL), Spain’s Primera Liga, and Italy’s Serie A, even in Korea. Watching a high-level game, the eyes of the fans went up a notch, and the same goes for the players.

Park Joo-ho calmly talked about 스포츠토토the reality at eye level. “Of course, it’s good to go straight to the big leagues and play. However, it is not easy to go straight from the K-League to the big leagues calmly.” Considering the aspect of adaptation here, it may be better to start in a small league rather than a big league. If you successfully settle down in the small and medium leagues, then you will have a chance to go to the big leagues.”

The mental part is important

Park Joo-ho picked the mental part, or ‘mental’, as the most important factor to succeed in Europe. Park Joo-ho said, “You absolutely need a mentality that can endure when you are having a hard time, can maintain it when you are doing well, and can overcome the competition.” Along with this, “Previously, when I went to Europe from the J-League in Japan, I asked the club manager (transfer manager) what was most important, and he said it was mental, not skill. He said that he should not be afraid even if he meets a strong opponent, and that he should have the mentality to fight, be greedy, and collide with him when he goes to the game.”

■The team should also help

Park Joo-ho emphasized that players should be considerate of K-League teams in order to develop their skills on a bigger stage. Park Joo-ho said, “First of all, I want to tell players who want to go to Europe to go out unconditionally without worrying about money. I don’t really think about how much a player develops when he returns to the K-League,” he said. We have to let them go when they can,” he explained.

Along with this, he talked about his experiences while playing in Japan and mentioned the difference between Korea and Japan. Park Joo-ho said, “I went to Europe after playing in Japan. Japan has a similar or better environment than Europe. To be honest, when I came to Korea, I was surprised that it was poor and there were many areas for improvement,” he said. Korea is so lacking in that part,” he pointed out.

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