‘Dumbo’ Jeon In-ji, ‘2023 Career Grand Slam Challenge’ (Interview)

We met Jeon In-ji (29, KB Financial Group) at a studio in Seocho-dong, who was holding an exhibition at the Bon Gallery in Gwanhun-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul under the theme of ‘Meet Dumbo, a Parrot: When Curiosity Becomes Art’.

Q. Dumbo in the picture is crying and why is he crying?

A. Dumbo here is crying as he drops question marks. This is how I looked when I met the author. But in another picture, Dumbo is smiling and flying high in the sky. For a while, there was no championship, so I was nervous and anxious, but through the painting and artist Seon-mi Park, I gained comfort and confidence. Such a positive mindset helped him win the major this year.

Q. What did you learn from painting? 먹튀검증

A. Learning to draw changed my attitude towards life and golf. I despair on days when I ruin a painting. However, when I work on the next day, there are times when it comes back to life. Just like in golf, there are not only good shots in 18 holes. Focusing on the shot in front of you makes it easier.

Q. What do you want to hear before being an artist or a professional golfer?

A. I don’t want to miss both. I usually focus on golf, but I plan to continue painting in my spare time like now.

Q. What are your goals for this year?

A. I want to do the Career Grand Slam. To be honest, I want to win both the Chevron Championship and the AIG Women’s Open, but I want to deliver good news as soon as possibleCurrently, Jeon In-ji is ranked 8th in the world and is eligible to participate in the ‘Hanwha LifePlus International Crown’. There is a high possibility that Jinyoung Ko (28. Solaire) in 5th place, Hyoju Kim (28. Lotte) in 9th place, and Minji Park (25. NH Investment & Securities) in 16th place will be ranked.

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