“Don’t doubt you” A word reassured by the late-starter Tool Guy…NC can’t be without this player anymore

 “He kept brainwashing me saying, ‘Don’t doubt yourself’.”

Although the NC Dinos are won by long-term, it is the same as spending April without all the ‘Cha Po Horse Awards’. A situation where key players left due to injuries. In the other lineup, Jason Martin, who is in charge of the center fielder and the fourth hitter and has to hit long hits, left after the opening four games due to a microscopic injury to the right internal oblique muscle. However, it is an NC where Martin’s vacancy is not felt so greatly. The team has become stronger, but the reason Martin doesn’t feel the void itself is because Cheon Jae-hwan (29) is playing an active role in the offense and defense. 

Cheon Jae-hwan is active in 13 games this season with a batting average of 3.3 3 (12 hits in 36 at-bats), 1 home run, 3 RBIs, 5 runs, OPS of .857. He is active not only in stable defense in the center field position, but also in the offensive line. He is currently on a three-game multi-hit streak. Although he is competing with Han Seok-hyun and Kim Seong-wook, Cheon Jae-hwan is superior in momentum. 

Cheon Jae-hwan, who graduated from Korea University at Hwasun High School and joined the team as a training player in 2017. He was a versatile ‘tool guy’, but his first-team opportunities did not come easily. His high school graduates are already 11-year players, but Cheon Jae-hwan is still a 2-year late player. He signed a formal player contract last year after being called up to the first team for the first time. He was named MVP of spring camp this year and is continuing his momentum. 

Seniors such as Park Seok-min, Park Gun-woo, and Park Min-woo were aware of Cheon Jae-hwan’s talent early on. He had doubts about ‘why is he in District 2’, and Cheon Jae-hwan proved it at the camp. Even Cheon Jae-hwan himself said, “It made me think, ‘Can I do it this year?’.

However, in the first 6 games after the opening, he only went 1 hit in 8 at-bats. Cheon Jae-hwan doubted himself again. However, the seniors doubted Cheon Jae-hwan’s success. The player who erased this doubt was Park Seok-min, a veteran with a total of 269 home runs. 

Chun Jae-hwan said, “Senior Park Seok-min is next to me in the locker room. Don’t doubt and just do it,’ he continued. To be honest, even after hearing those words, I doubted, ‘Is this really going to happen?’ But he continued to do so like a spell so I wouldn’t have that thought,” he said. “They were really grateful advices.

” I feel a lot of things too. He said, “I feel comfortable when I’m out in the outfield together. When I saw it up close, I think it’s really good for me to be able to see the practice and life up close, as well as saying, ‘I’m a player who hits this much and even did FA’.” 카지노사이트

The sweat of hard work did not lie. The reason why he had a small body but now has a strong muscular body is because he did not neglect weight training even during his training days. He only came up to the first team belatedly, but he was preparing to step up to the first team at any time. He said, “I had a lot of difficult times while I was in the 2nd team. But I tried to think positively. Rather than thinking, ‘Why can’t I?’ I tried to do what I could during this time. Even if I wanted to go up to the first team right away, I couldn’t, so I tried to keep my body ready at any time. If I lack skills, I can practice, but I’m ready so that I don’t get evaluated as not being good enough. I did,” he said vigorously. 

The name Cheon Jae-hwan is now imprinted on NC fans. This is the process of being reborn as a regular member. He said, “I always wanted to be remembered as a sincere and hard-working player. But that’s natural. I want to be remembered as a player who does better on the field and a player who can be trusted by fans.”

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