Dongguk University coach Lee Kun-yeol, co-winner of the national competition, said, “Our players’ mentality was amazing”

“We have few players, but everyone did well.”

The 78th National Collegiate Baseball Championship ended with Dongguk University and Korea University jointly winning. The final match, which was scheduled to be held at Hongcheon Baseball Stadium in Gangwon Province on the 11th, was canceled due to rain, resulting in such an extraordinary result.

Head coach Lee Kun-yeol, who led Dongguk University, said in a phone call with OSEN, “Everyone did well,” adding, “Our players have great mental strength. And I think I finished the tournament well without getting hurt.”온라인바카라

Dongguk University, which played 10 games in Group A of the 2023 KUSF University Baseball U-League and recorded good results with 6 wins, 1 draw and 3 losses, has forgotten defeat and ran in this tournament as well.

Dongguk University, which defeated Korea Golf University 8-0 in the first round, defeated Kyungil University 7-2 in the second round, and then met Kyunghee University, the champion of the tournament last year, in the round of 16, winning 14-2.

Dongguk University defeated Jeju International University 4-1 in the quarterfinals, and won the ticket to the final after defeating Hanil Presbyterian University 13-3 in the semifinals. He scored 46 points in 5 games and blocked it with 8 runs. The team’s ERA in this tournament is 1.03. He boasted of a solid mound.

The surprising thing is that Dongguk University played 5 games with fewer people than other teams. Coach Lee said, “You can say that we prepared for the game with 20 people. I’ve played 5 matches since the last day. The final on the 11th was not held due to rain, but the players worked really hard even with a small number of people.”

From the 1st to the 10th, Dongguk University was a hot battle. The amateur players overcame the forced march well with a relatively small number of players. The director can’t help but feel proud.

Manager Lee said, “Five out of six pitchers threw. Everyone did their part well. All done evenly well. The hitters did well too. The connection seems fine. It is the driving force behind good results.”

I’ve been worried a lot in the past. Coach Lee said, “There were not many players and there was not much exercise. Because I was afraid of getting hurt. There are few players, but you shouldn’t get hurt. However, all the players prepared for the game while adjusting their condition well. This year, Dongguk University baseball was said to be ‘a little weak’, but the players worked harder and persisted. Thank you so much to our players.”

Coach Lee hopes that these students will spend their college life well and enter the professional team. Director Lee said, “There are some good things about raising a high school student, but my judgment improves as I go to college, study, and have a social life. If you go pro in this state, you will adapt well. There are good players. There are players who can go pro and show their competitiveness. The play of college baseball and college players is getting better,” he emphasized, cheering for the future of his juniors.

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