Director Song Gu-hong “Your nephew, Song Chan-eui, must establish himself”

 Song Gu-hong, the newly appointed head coach of the Eunpyeong BC high school division, gave candid advice to his nephew, Song Chan-eui (LG).

Coach Gu-Hong Song, who had only been on the professional stage ever since he joined, entered the path of student baseball for the first time. So recently, “I’m trying to find the parts that I regretted during my career as a player, and the parts that can reduce trial and error while guiding the players. The era of players adapting to the coach’s guidance has passed. I have to give guidance.” He said that he would do his best in student baseball in the future. 스포츠토토

Coach Song Gu-hong ended his professional leadership career with Hanwha 2nd Army. And he joined Eunpyeong BC without saying a word after receiving a proposal from Director Ahn, who is also his teacher and a senior at Sunrin Sanggo.

It may be a sensitive question for director Song Gu-hong, whom I met like that, but I still couldn’t help but ask about his nephew Song Chan-eui. Then, director Song Gu-hong said firmly, “Now I have to take my place.”

He is also well aware that in the Australian league he distinguished himself by hitting 7 home runs while batting .300. However, coach Song said, “It is good to have tangible results. As much as that, coach Yeom Kyung-yeop will definitely give you a chance. When you give that ‘opportunity’, you have to produce results. , but it did not last long. Now I have to prove myself that I am qualified to start.”

In fact, Song Chan-eui was the hottest icon in the offseason both this year and last year. He is also capable of defending second base, so he is a talented person who can take charge of the LG infield in the future. However, it lacked consistency compared to the short-lived impact.

Song Chan’s performance in the Australian league was definitely a result worth looking forward to. However, bringing the result as one’s own is another task. It will also be interesting to see how Song Chan-yi will respond to his uncle’s affectionate advice.

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