‘Did you pick it based on the name?’ Why did Müller appoint Klinsmann?

 “Korean Style, not Gangnam Style” At

2:00 pm on the 28th, Michael Muller, head of the Korea Football Association’s Power and Development Committee, gave a press conference and gave the reason for appointing Jurgen Klinsmann as coach.

The news of coach Klinsmann, who was appointed as the new head coach of the Korean national soccer team, was followed by a series of ridicule from the German media and concern from fans.

The first reason Chairman Mueller revealed was ‘a person who met the five criteria’. At the press conference, the chairman cited ‘experience, professionalism스포츠토토, teamwork, motivation, and environment’ as the five qualities.

Based on these standards, at the first meeting of the Performance Improvement Committee, 61 long lists (first candidates) were selected, 23 short lists (second candidates) were selected, and finally 5 final candidates were selected.

He strongly denied the ‘chairman’s arbitrary decision’ that was heard during the selection process.

In the same 3 questions asking about the process of Klinsman’s appointment, Chairman Müller said, “From the contact to the director appointment process, we devised everything together and went through 1-2 meetings. The results of the meeting were very positive.”

In particular, in response to the nuanced question that ‘there was a negative opinion within the committee’, he expressed his negative opinion, saying, “We are not babies… We have to admit that people may have different opinions.”

Meanwhile, Chairman Müller, who announced that there were no Koreans in the final five candidates, said, “It is not that Koreans lack directors,

Compared to other directors, the ‘comparative advantage’ that Klinsman can find is his attitude, experience, and skill.

Chairman Müller said, “In 2004, when he visited Korea as a German coach, he was defeated 1-3. With this as an opportunity, he is showing a deep interest in Korean football.” , And the desire for success was also strong. In particular, I will stay in Korea and coach the players, “he explained Klinsman’s attitude.

Next, Chairman Müller said, “Simply being tactical is not all of a manager. We considered both the ability to handle superstars such as Son Heung-min and the ability as a ‘manager’ to maintain the team’s mental strength and teamwork.” He talked about his experience and skill.

Meanwhile, the head coach and Korean coaches who will help Klinsman under coach Lee Seung-hwan, the head of the national team operation team, announced that they will discuss it on Thursday, the 2nd.

Coach Klinsman will make his A-match debut on March 24 at Ulsan Munsu Soccer Stadium. Opponent is Colombia.

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