‘Despite first-set deuce’, Korea loses 0:3 to world No. 1 Brazil to drop fifth straight VNL
The South Korean women’s national volleyball team opened Week 2 of the 2023 VNL with a loss to Brazil.

The South Korea Women’s National Team (ranked 26th in the world), coached by Cesar Hernández González, fell 0-3 (29-31, 16-25, 16-25) to Brazil (ranked first in the world) on their home court in the first match of Week 2 of the 2023 FIVB Volleyball Nations League (VNL) at the Niusong Neusong Gymnasium in Brasilia, Brazil on Friday (July 15). The loss was Korea’s fifth straight, while Brazil improved to 4-1.

Korea was led by Kim Da-eun with 11 points, Kang So-hwi with nine, Lee Da-hyun with seven, and Jeong Jung-yoon with six. They were outrebounded 30-51 and were outblocked 6-9, although their blocking was good. Brazil was led by Kish and Bergman with 15 points each and Diana and Taissa with 11 points each.메이저놀이터

South Korea started with apogee spiker Kim Da-eun (4), outside hitters Kang So-hwi (2) and Jeong Ji-yoon (5), middle blockers Lee Da-hyun (3) and Park Eun-jin (6), setter Kim Ji-won (1), and libero Moon Jung-won. Kim Da-eun and Kim Ji-won, who entered the roster in Week 2, took the court.

For Brazil, opposite Lorena (1), outside hitters Priscilla (2) and Julia Bergman (5), middle blockers Diana (3) and Taissa (6), and setter Macris (4) took the court first.

In the first set, Korea opened the scoring with a touchout from Kim Da-eun. Brazil responded with a center from Taissa.

A block and an attack error by Kim gave Korea a 4-3 lead early in the second set. A solo block by Park Eun-jin gave Korea a 6-5 lead. However, Jeong Ji-yoon’s serve error was a disappointment.

In the ensuing rally, Kang So-hwi’s touch-out score after Moon Jung-won’s dig was impressive. The game was tied at 9-9. Brazil then scored three consecutive points to take control of the game.

Korea’s offense fell short, but their errors kept them within two points. It was a two-point gap at 13-15 after a touchout by Jeong Ji-yoon.

Park Eun-jin scored a block, Kim Ji-won scored a block, and Jeong Ji-yoon and Kang So-hwi scored offensive points to bring Korea within 17-18. Lee Da-hyun’s center attack tied the score at 19-20. Jeong Ji-yoon finished off a difficult ball with a hard hit to put 20-20 on the scoreboard. The Brazilian bench called for game time.

Brazil then took a two-point lead after an attack by Diana and a kill by substitute Kishi. South Korea closed the gap again with a hard hit from the right side by Kim Da-eun. Substitute Yeom Hye-sun had a sharp serve but was unfortunately out.

Brazil had a service error on a chance to close out the set, and the ensuing rally was marred by an over-the-net error. The score was tied at 23-23.

South Korea players. (C)FIVB

With the set on the line, Brazil touched set point first with a Bergman attack, but Korea responded with a left-handed strike from Kang So-hwi for a 24-24 deuce.

Korea tied the score at 28-28 with attack points from Jung Jeong-yoon and Kim Da-eun, followed by an opponent attack error.

An attack error by Brazil’s Bergman gave Korea a 29-28 set point. It was a chance to win the set. However, Brazil won the set with back-to-back left hits from Bergman. The score was 31-29.

Set two. Korea started off with a 3-4 tie with attack points from Kang So-hwi and Kim Da-eun. Brazil took an early four-point lead on a hard hit by Kish and a Korean attack error.

It was important for Korea to close the gap. After stoppage time, Jeong Jeong-yoon’s hit and Kim Da-eun’s serve reduced the gap to two points.

However, the score increased to 5-10 as the attacks of Jung Jeong-yoon and Park Eun-jin were blocked by the opponent’s blocking wall.

At 7-14, Brazil scored after two digs, increasing the gap to eight points.

Korea tried to close the gap with kills from Bum Sil and Lee Da-hyun, but it was difficult to overcome the gap. After Jeong’s attack from the left was blocked, Kim Dae-eun hit hard from the right, and Jeong also hit hard from the left, but that was it. The set ended 25-16.

Set three. Korea tied the score at 3-3 with a block by Lee Da-hyun and an unforced error on Kang So-hwi’s serve. After Lee Da-hyun’s kill, Diana’s unforced error gave Korea a 5-4 lead.

Korea continued to play aggressively. An opponent error followed by a Kim Da-eun kill gave them an 8-6 lead and they passed the first point of the set.

As Brazil responded with a hard-hitting quiche, Korea held on to an 11-9 lead with a kill by Kang So-hwi and a block by Lee Da-hyun.

After Brazil scored on a kill, Korea tied the score at 12-12 on a kill by Lee Da-hyun. Korea took a 13-16 lead after two consecutive blocked attacks by Jung Jeong-yoon.

From there, the Koreans were unable to close the gap as their reception was shaky and their connections were inaccurate. Brazil took a 21-14 lead on an attack by Diana. The game was tilted. The game ended when substitute Moon Ji-yoon tried to attack but was blocked.

South Korea will play their second game of Week 2 against Japan at 5:30 a.m. on Saturday.

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