‘Delineation of nominated players becoming clearer’ 7 men’s clubs “must be in the 4th place”

The players who will play in the V-League are getting clearer little by little.

On the 26th, the second day of the 2023 KOVO (Korean Volleyball Federation) Men’s Asia Quarter Tryout held at Halla Gymnasium in Jeju City, the practice game was held from 3 pm. Managers and front desks of the seven clubs classified the list selected the previous day as subject to special inspection, but also observed whether there were any players who came up today.

During the interview in the morning, various questions were asked to check the basic tendencies and attitudes of the players and their ability to adapt to life in Korea.

Following the day before, the managers of the seven clubs gave similar opinions. Tomorrow, without a practice game, we will decide on the nomination list and start the nomination. The unanimous position is that ‘it must be within the 4th place’.

‘Defending champion’ Korean Air coach Tommy Tilikhainen said, “I’m keeping an eye on the libero position. Ryohei Iga (Japan/171cm/Libero) moved well. Among the wing spikers, Eddy (Mongolia/198cm/middle blocker) and Mark Espeho ( Philippines/191cm/Outside Heater) and Liu Heung-Min (Taiwan/191cm/Outside Heater) seem to be okay too.”

Choi Tae-woong, head coach of Hyundai Capital, said, “For our team, Bayar Saihan (Mongolia/197cm/middle blocker) looks the best. If we’re second or third, we’re thinking about Eddy (Mongolia) and Chai Peichang (Taiwan/203cm/middle blocker). Libero Ryohei Iga is also on the list of nominations. Issey Otake (Japan/202cm/Aposite Spiker) and Batsuri Batur (Mongolia/192cm/Outside Heater) are also candidates for nominations in a broader sense.” .

KEPCO coach Kwon Young-min said, “I think of Ryohei Iga (Libero) first. Bayar Saihan (Mongolia), Eddy (Mongolia), Chai Peichang (Taiwan), and Mark Espeho (Philippines) are on the list.” . He said, “I don’t think there will be any big worries if it’s within the 4th place.”

Director Shin Young-chul of Woori Card said, “I like Bayar Saihan (Mongolia) and Eddie (Mongolia). Libero Ryohei Iga (Japan) also has a sense of power immediately. “I’m trying to pick a player,” he said.

Coach Shin Seon-ho of OK Financial Group said, “We are thinking of Bayar Saihan (Mongolia), Eddy (Mongolia), Libero Ryohei Iga (Japan) and outside hitter Mark Espeho (Philippines).”

There was no significant change from the previous day in the director of KB Insurance Hu-jeong. Coach Hu said, “Bayar Saihan (middle blocker) catches my eye the most. I think of setter Lin Chien (Taiwan/189cm) and outside hitters Liu Hongmin (Taiwan) and Mark Espeho (Philippines).” 크크크벳

Samsung Fire & Marine Manager Kim Sang-woo said, “Eddie (Mongolia) and Bayarsaihan (Mongolia) caught my eye. Libero Ryoei is also good. I will think about it according to the order.”

Tryouts ended on the second day. Now, the nomination ranking is of interest. This year, as the Asian Quarter is implemented for the first time, all clubs have an equal probability of 14%. Managers of the seven clubs want to select the clear four. It would be best if it was ranked 1st, but it is judged that up to 4th rank can immediately select a sense of power.

analysis is over. All that remains is the name. Above all else, rankings mattered. The fateful hour is approaching on the 27th.

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