Declaration of GOOD BYE to Tottenham SON colleagues…’Second interest in Hazard’

Tottenham Hotspur has announced a breakup with Son Heung-min and is showing interest in the second Hazard.

British media ‘Standard Evening’ reported on the 13th that “Tottenham has decided not to extend the contract with Lucas Moura.”스포츠토토,

At the same time, he mentioned the possibility of reinforcement, saying, “Tottenham is showing interest in signing Leandro Trosar in the January transfer market.”

Moura joined Tottenham from Paris Saint-Germain in 2018. After his joining, he made a mark while playing an active role as a key resource.

However, he failed to gain an edge over the competition. As the contract with Tottenham expires at the end of this season, the breakup is decided.

Tottenham were determined to fill the attacking void and selected Trosar as their target.

Torsar is a Belgian born in 1994 and joined Brighton Albion in 2019 after working for Henk.

Wearing a Brighton kit, Trosar made a soft landing on the English stage, displaying his quick feet and shooting prowess. This season, too, he is showing off his presence by appearing in 17 games and scoring 7 goals and 2 assists.

In particular, while showing his presence in the Belgian national team, he also presented new possibilities as the second Eden Hazard.

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