Critical Steel’ Dennis Schroeder Saves the Lakers

The Lakers stopped the Brown Bears’ winning streak.

The Los Angeles Lakers won 122-121 in the 2022-2023 NBA regular season Memphis Grizzlies held at the Los Angeles Arena on the 21st (hereinafter Korean time).

It was a home game, but the Lakers’ inferiority was expected. Memphis was at the top of the Western Conference. In addition, he was running up to 11 consecutive victories. However, the match was unexpectedly fierce.

The Lakers had LeBron James and Russell Westbrook, and the Memphis had Ja Morant, Tyus Jones, and Brandon Clarke to solve the game.

The match was decided just before the end of the game. 

13.2 seconds before the end of the game, Dennis Schroeder calmly succeeded in two free throws and led the pursuit by one point. But time was on Memphis’ side. To break this trend, Schroeder came out again.

He stole the ball from Desmond Bain with bold defense. Afterwards, Schroeder rushed straight to the rim and completed a come-from-behind three-point play. The Lakers, who kept their precious lead, ended the thrilling game with a sweet victory.

In an interview after the game, manager Davin Hamm said, “A victory like today can change the course of our victory. After the game against Sacramento, I didn’t feel so good. But I had time to identify areas that need to be improved.” told 먹튀검증

The hero of the day, Schroeder, said, “I wanted to trap the opponent first before we started foul operations. I saw Desmond Bain catch the ball and he played with his back to the matchup opponent. After that, I made a steal. I scored a breakthrough and I finished my play by putting in an extra free throw,” he recalled the decisive moment.

With the victory, the Lakers recorded 21 wins and 25 losses. The ranking is 13th in the Western Conference. However, the ranking does not matter much as it is only two games away from the 6th place Golden State Warriors.

The Lakers’ next schedule is an away game against the Portland Trail Blazers. It remains to be seen whether the Lakers, who have raised the mood with a dramatic victory, can continue their momentum.

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