‘Conquest of Mt. Fuji’ Korean badminton wins 5-0 against ‘old enemy’ Japan

 The Korean badminton team won first place in Group D of the Sudirman Cup, a world mixed team event, with a complete victory over Japan, the ‘rival’.

Korea beat Japan 5-0 in the last 3rd match of the Group D group stage of the Sudirman Cup in Suou, China.

Compared to Japan, Korea’s power was expected to be inferior in mixed doubles and men’s singles. It was thought that winning just one of the two events would be a win. The Korean team, which showed more than 100% of their skills, captured both mixed doubles and men’s singles, taking one step closer to first place in the group.카지노사이트

In particular, Jeon Hyuk-jin, who started in the men’s singles, completed an extraordinary feat by defeating world number 15 Kenta Nishimoto. Ahn Se-young, the ‘ace’ of the women’s singles who inherited the baton, became the winner in a match of pride against Akane Yamaguchi, the world number one.

After securing first place in the group with a score of 3-0, Korea swept both men’s and women’s doubles and conquered Mt. Fuji.

Korea, aiming to return to the top for the first time in six years, will play the quarterfinals against the second-placed team in another group through a lottery.

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