Coach Cho Young-hoon’s tips and advice effect, Park Joo-chan’s first 4-hit one-man show since his debut! 

Recently (due to cancellation of rain), the game did not continue, so I thought that the timing would be late with the pitcher before today’s game. So, during training, I practiced my reaction speed and putting points in front, and then went out to play.” 

NC Dinos infielder Park Joo-chan led the victory by 1 point with his first 4-hit one-man show in his debut. Park Joo-chan contributed to an 8-7 victory with 4 hits, 1 RBI, and 2 runs in 4 at-bats, including a double, in the Futures home game against KIA held at Masan Stadium on the 12th. 

After the game, Park Joo-chan said on the official FutureSteam Instagram account, “Recently (due to cancellation of rain), the game did not continue, so I thought that the timing would be late in the match against the pitcher before today’s game. So he practiced reaction speed and putting points in front during training and went out to play.” 

He continued, “Coach Young-Hoon Cho said that it would be a little more comfortable if he prepared even for a fleeting moment and entered the plate, but he seems to have really done that. He adds that he will practice more so that he can swing confidently with margin from hitting.” 

Park Joo-chan also said, “The balls I hit are going in various directions, but I think a good ball will come out if I just think about the point when the ball comes in and swing. Now the ball seems to go in the direction I want. I am trying to keep it in a good sense.” 메이저놀이터

Park Joo-chan plays the role of mood maker in the dugout. “When the team is winning or when the team is losing, I am always trying to fight in the dugout. So today, when the Gyeonggi-do team was losing the lead, I think we were able to tie the game and win. (Park) Daeon hyung is a great source of strength. He sets the mood well,” he said, expressing his gratitude. 

Lastly, “I will do my best to be a source of strength to the players on the field and in the dugout. I am playing the game with a good sense, and if there is a chance, I hope I can show this good feeling even when I go up to the N team.”

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