Clippers eyeing transfer market, contact with Beverly

The Los Angeles Clippers, which are trying to win the championship, are looking at the transfer market.

Reporter Ro Murray of 『The Athletic』 reported that the Clippers could target Patrick Beverly (guard, 185cm, 82kg).

When the trade market was closed, the guard expected to appear in the transfer market was selected as a candidate for the Clippers. In fact, the Clippers got a backup center, but couldn’t get a proper point guard.

Initially, the Clippers showed a lot of interest in Mike Conley (Minnesota), who changed his uniform this time. It is because it can be of great help in game management and defense as well as experience. The Clippers, who had never played with a solid ballhandler in their current lineup, could have been aiming for a boost immediately if they had taken Conley. However, the Clippers failed to achieve results in the war to recruit Conley.

It is natural that the Clippers are온라인바카라 aiming for Westbrook, who is likely to terminate the contract with Beverly, who remains in the market. However, it is questionable whether Beverly and Westbrook can be good pieces compared to the power the Clippers currently have. Beverly can add strength in the first line defense, but can’t help the operation. If Westbrook is added, he can carry the ball, but it is not easy to contribute in other areas.

Currently, the Clippers have already contacted Beverly and are considering Westbrook as a potential scout. However, given that he has not yet pursued a contract and has not specifically met with Westbrook, it is assumed that he is still struggling. As mentioned earlier, it is not easy to help the team in what it needs.

Beverly is a different story. He served for four seasons from the 2017-2018 season to the 2020-2021 season. As he played with the current key members, it is expected that there will be no big problem in melting into the team if he enters. Moreover, it is because Kawhi Leonard and Paul George can energize along with the defensive side because they do not play in many games.

In addition, the Clippers released Luke Kennard (Memphis) ahead of the trade deadline. While sending Kennard, Mason Plumlee was brought in to fill the inside, but there was a vacancy in the backcourt. If Beverly’s joining is underway, it is not a ball handler reinforcement, but it can raise power in other parts. It is understood that it came into contact with it.

Beverly can speak out for any superstar. Even at the LA Lakers, he was open to LeBron James and Anthony Davis. If he joins the Clippers, he could set the tone and build the motivation to go high. He averaged 8 points, 4.6 rebounds, 3.3 assists and 1 steal in four seasons with the Clippers.

He has appeared in 45 games for the Lakers this season. He was a regular starter, averaging 6.4 points (.402 .348 .780), 3.1 rebounds and 2.6 assists in 26.9 minutes per game. He played the necessary power for the Lakers enough to continue the most business trips in the last three seasons. However, as it is not easy to be together in the upcoming 2023-2024 season, we traded him.

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