Byeon Sang-il’s Beast Instinct

Scene ⑥ = I’ve said it over and over again, but the day of compensation is a warrior. He is usually quiet and humble. He has a shy personality, but in Go, he brings out the best techniques without hesitation. The scene right now deserves to be on the list of precipitation on Byun Sang-il. 토스카지노

He asked for a response with black 1, and when Gu Zihao defended with white 2, the compensation day suddenly peeped with black 3. Push with white 4, cut black 5. what number is this Precipitation no one expected. Gu Zihao also had a surprised face. Park Young-hoon, 9th dan, can’t help but admire, saying, “It’s a scary game breathing.”

◆Reference map = If the flow is normal, the number of blocks with black 1 is expected. White did not dare to run away and pressed it with 2. At that time, if I set it to 3, the yield of black is also considerable, so I am not satisfied. But this is a mistake in judging the situation. White penetrates 4 and continues to dominate. 75% win rate, 3rd album advantage. Byun Sang-il was correct in avoiding this course.

◆Progress of battle = In the real battle, a fierce hand-to-hand battle began with black’s ferocious cutting. In the hundred 1, the payment date is cut by 2, and then 3 goes to 4. Actually, it is quite difficult to write a hundred because it is not a long sentence. With his skinny body and gentle eyes, where is Byeon Sang-il’s beast instinct hiding?

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